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10 Best Kodi Addons You Should Install

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The open-source media center Kodi is popular with its free use and flexibility. It has two key elements, repository and addon. It is powerful. A list of the best repositories that you can use has already been published and we look at some of the best addons for Kodi in this article. We have addons that enable you to access a host of movies, live TV and other video content as well as maintain a clean, junk-free interface. That being said, here are the best choices for Kodi addons, which you have to try to improve the viewing experience.

Note: Some of the Kodi addons host and stream copyrighted content. Streaming protected content is illegal and amounts to piracy. We do not encourage online piracy in any way or form.

List of Best Kodi Addons 2020

1. Exodus

Exodus is one of Kodi’s most popular add-ons and has been maintained for many years by various communities. Two versions are now available: Exodus Redux and Exodus v8. We have written a detailed guide on installing Exodus on Kodi so that you can read more. You can streame movies, TV shows, view local videos, pictures and use them for maintenance tasks when you come to the addon.

You can search for something specific or browse the available content. Movies and Tv shows were clearly listed in sections based on the genre, language, production studio and their success.

2. BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer, in particular if from the UK, is one of the best Kodi addons. It offers all BBC networks, BBC News, BBC One, Two and so on. In this add-on, you will have access to radio and podcasts. You may also play content from BBC’s large film, movies and television series catalog in addition to live TV channels.

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The best part is that it’s completely free and available on the official Kodi repository. So installation is just a click away. However, do note that BBC’s content is geo-restricted and you can only stream it within the UK. To get around the limitation, you can use a VPN to unblock BBC content from anywhere around the world.

3. YouTube

YouTube is a must-have Kodi addon if you want to watch tons of content on Kodi. You can watch YouTube videos, movies, TV shows, and more. You also have access to some live TV channels, game streaming, and much more. Besides, you can also check out the most popular videos in your region.

And with the recent update, you can log in with your Google credentials and fetch your channel subscriptions, library, playlists, recommendations, and more. Not to mention, YouTube plays videos with the default Kodi player which means you get the options to zoom in/out, seek the video, change brightness, and add subtitles. All in all, YouTube is an essential Kodi addon and you can’t afford to miss it.

4.  National Geographic

If you’re a new cord cutter and skip some of your National Geographic favorite wildlife and climatic documentaries, don’t worry. The channel has a dedicated Kodi addon, allowing you to access a huge video library completely free of charge. And best of all, it’s on Kodi’s official repository.

Having said that, keep in mind, the episodes are not available at full length so that is a bummer. But you do have interesting clips of climate, history, art which is enough to dazzle you. I would say, go ahead and try National Geographic addon on Kodi and see if it fits the bill.

5. SoundCloud

In case you don’t know, SoundCloud is available officially on Kodi, and without problems you can play several music tracks. SoundCloud, we all know, is one of the oldest popular music sharing sites so you can receive first-class songs from both new and well known artists.

Since SoundCloud is about the indie scene, new songs from new voices can be heard. I’d say, SoundCloud’s about the exploration of new sounds and genres rather than streaming music. Go on and install SoundCloud for music streaming on your Kodi.

6. Radio

This Kodi addon is for you because you are a person who hears much music through the radio. Radio, which is well-named, provides thousands of local or international radio stations on Kodi. You can search for stations, listen to them in the background and save them later.

Other than that, radio stations are categorized into several labels including genre, country, and language. To sum it up, Radio is one of the best Kodi addons for streaming music from all over the world and you should definitely give it a try.

7. OpenSubtitles.org

You might find it difficult to follow what is occurring in a movie, TV show, if you’re not an English speaker. If so, then I suggest to use this addon, that you add subtitles to the content you are looking for automatically.

Since the subtitles are sourced from Opensubtitles, the quality is quite good. If you’re not a fan of OpenSubtitles or cannot find what you need there, there are various other official subtitle add-ons including Subscene, Titlovi, Divxplanet, and more to choose from.

8. FilmRise

FilmRise is your secure bet when you are looking for the best Kodi addon for movies and TV shows. It is one of the few legal additions available on the official Kodi repository. The website is ad-supported, however you can stream entire films and TV shows for free.

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The best part of the app is that you don’t have to register and ads are not intrusive, allowing you to enjoy streaming movies and TV shows in peace. As for the content catalog, it’s is vast and new movies and shows are added every day. Simply put, you will never run out of content to watch.

9. Popcornflix

Popocornflix is another great addition to Kodi to consume free movies and tv shows. Although the legality issue depends on your venue, you can use it with a VPN to keep it on a safe side. The most important thing about Popcornflix is that it is not constrained by region content. In addition, the addon is very fast and provides better streaming that makes it perfect for watching Kodi movies.

Coming to the content, there’s a good selection of movies and TV shows so you will definitely find something interesting to watch. Apart from big-banner movies, Popcornflix also features a lot of indie cinema which is great news for indie movie lovers. Overall, Popcornflix is an excellent Kodi addon to discover and watch new movies and TV shows.

10. Netflix

Netflix is back on Kodi and it has been completely revamped by a new developer. You can now, in fact, play 1080p and 4K content on Kodi, but there are some caveats. That said, you can seamlessly log in and enjoy Netflix movies and TV shows on Kodi. Unlike earlier, now you don’t have to get your hands dirty and tweak things here and there.

Apart from that, the new Netflix addon also supports HDR10 and comes with Dolby vision support. You can even sync your Netflix content with Kodi’s local library. That’s awesome, right? Having said that, keep in mind, this addon is not official, but it’s not illegal either. You can certainly use it without any worry.

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