11 best Android games you can play when trapped at home.

best Android games

Due to the outbreak of Cronavirus, many people across the globe are trapped at home, I thought it’s the best time to share some of the best Android games to hold the doldrums at bay, thanks to the coronavirus. For this reason I took the time to compile a short list of standard titles that can quickly melt away the hours of the day.

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Here’s the Best Android Games

1. Call of duty: mobile

Call of duty: Smartphone quickly is one of the strongest device shooters. Although, that does not mean that in the title you do not encounter dubious monetization in the context of in-app sales, loot boxes or a paid key. Luckily, the gameplay remains as fantastic as ever, particularly when running and pistoling through a multitude of classic levels. If you enjoy your shooter action on your Android devices, then this is a must. Free, provides a number of multiplayer modes including Battle Royale, and some common retro maps and characters from other Call of Duty games can be seen.

2.PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s smartphone edition of Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG, one of 2017’s most-played PC titles, is currently accessible on the Google Play Store and Ios Store. Developed by Tencent Games in partnership with Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, a subsidiary of Chinese software giant Tencent. For the same target you’re going to take on 99 other individuals so there can be just one champion. Controls are usually very uncomfortable before you get used to them, but this is a tight game that draws you right in. There are plenty of different guns and equipment scattered around to scavenge, let alone vehicles you can commandeer.

3. Fornite

The world’s most famous game is accessible on Android but on Google Play you can’t get it. You would need to get it from the website of the Amazing Player, instead. Fortnite is a very simple game to play but it’s very challenging to win. The players who compete at the game are extremely qualified. Any kids under the age of 13 (but potentially 16) who play this game would most definitely lose 500 games in one row. It’s filled with weapons, bombs, safety boosters, helmets, costumes, dances to dance and more.

4. Real Racing 3

REAL CAR RACING 3 is a simulation game for iOS, Android, Nvidia Shield and BlackBerry 10 computers, produced by Firemonkeys Studios and released by Electronic Arts.Real Racing 3 includes Bentley, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and even other vehicles. On tracks like Silverstone, Hockenheimring, and Le Mans you will even be able to test your skills behind the wheel. With endless tournaments to join, multiplayer cross-platforms and loads of modification possibilities, this is one of the strongest driving games available.

5. Info the death 2

INFO THE DEATH 2: Zombie Apocalypse is an adventure game that PIKPOK is creating. Throughout this zombie FPS video, your aim is to conquer a swarm of zombies to save your kin. The game includes a number of weapons for you to use against the army of the dead. The plot is comprised of 7 chapters of 60 levels. There are multiple ends suitable for receiving, based on the acts.Will you live and surround you as zombies move in? There are several different settings, from fields to military installations, and a plot that develops as chapters are finished. There are other obstacles that have you coming back for more, too.

6. Clash of Clans

CLASH OF CLANS is a freemium smartphone multiplayer strategy game created and released by Supercell, a Finnish game company.Construct your city, prepare your defences, create an army, and lead your tribe to victory over nasty goblins or other leading clans. Clash of Clans has a decent mix of slow preparation and base building accompanied by quick, messy fighting, but should you want to join a clan be prepared to fight in daily wars or you’ll let your teammates down

7. Boris and the Dark Survival

BRENDY and INK Machine lovers may remember his partner in the movie, Boris the bear. In this challenging survival game, you will have to lead Boris through the creepy studio keeping a bit ahead of the Ink Demon chasing you down.With a retro cartoon theme and a modern top-down perspective of the action, you’ll visit Joey Drew Studios searching for useful objects, food to boost your stamina, and clues that might help you solve the mystery of what happened.

8. Mini Metro

MINI METRO is a tactical puzzle video game created by Dinosaur Polo Club, an independent production team. Players are charged with developing an effective rail transit network for a fast-growing region. Stations are defined by differently shaped nodes and players can use drawing lines to create tracks to link them. Rates are based on actual towns, and procedurally create the presence of stations and passengers. The visual design of the game makes use of bright colors and basic geometry to mimic the current transit charts.

9. Madden NFL Mobile Football

MADDEN NFL MOBILE is an American football virtual sports game, developed and released by Electronic Arts, focused on the National Football League. If you need any genuine NFL action on your computer, your best choice could be this. Develop a squad as president and head coach, and seek to lead them to the glory of the NFL.

10. Dragon Ball Legend

Nonetheless, DRAGONBALL LEGENDS is a gacha title, so it does have some of those irritating so traditional elements of mobile games that I’ve railed against. But as a gaming environment it is a lot more detailed than I should have anticipated. The game is really enjoyable, in particular if you are a Dragon Ball fan, because you’re battling through a variety of levels that collect skills because characters along the way.

11. Sonic Dash

SONIC DASH is a hardlight developed and released endless runner and platformer video game from Sega. This is the second installment in Hardlight’s Sonic Hedgehog franchise, and was the first to be the rework of the 2012 Sonic Jump. He’s relentless and owes a great deal to the genre’s icons. Wipe right and left to avoid barriers and gather coins and swip up and down to slip.

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