15 Best PSP Games You Should Play Now

15 Best PSP Games You Should Play Now
15 Best PSP Games You Should Play Now

In spite of portable gaming, a combination of console action with on-the-go goodness and PlayStation Portable has not been completely nailed by any systems. The diminutive PSP had an eclectic collection filled with unforgettable adventures, fine playing games and even films from platforms through to ports of rare rhythm games. And now that the PSP is out of service, with the machine now discontinued for some time, you can get a pittance to the console and the best games to offer.

These must have games, so you should certainly pick them up and try if you haven’t already played them. Don’t worry if you don’t own a PSP, since these games can also be played on your computer or Android. Check out our best android emulators or best PC lists emulators to download your preferred device with your PSP emulator. Here are the 15 best PSP games to enjoy before you throw away your handheld.

15 Best PSP Games You Should Play Now

1.GTA: Chinatown Wars

There was no need for the word GTA(Grand Theft Auto) since virtually everyone knows what it stands for. GTA: Chinatown Wars is a PSP game for you to join the criminal organization in China. The graphics are very decent but, of course, not as good as the games. The gameplay is fantastic, you can explore a vast environment and there are over 70 missions on the ground. Take over the rich and spoiled brat, Huang Lee, who wants to expose numerous mysteries surrounding his father’s murder. Take this wealthy kid on an organized crime trip to China. Drive exotic cars, buy pricey property, run your own criminal organization, just look out for the cops.

2. Burnout: Legends

Burnout: Legends takes the high-velocity racing of Burnout 3: Takedown and adds several tracks and gameplay modes from the first two Burnout titles to create a deep, extremely enjoyable package for racing fans. Legends brings back fan-favorite tracks and modes like Pursuit, where players can take control of a police car and try to take down illegal street racers before they escape.

3. Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood released in Japan in 1993 to critical acclaim, but an English version of the game was never made — well, until 2007, when Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles made its way to the PSP. Chronicles included both Rondo and its celebrated sequel, Castlevania: Symphony of Terror, in one incredible vampire-slaying package.

4. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

One of the most well-known and polished PSP Roleplay game. Shin Megami Tensei: The person 3 Portable is an RPG you’d enjoy. The characters, the gameplay and the plot are great and suck in. The new woman in the game gives you a whole new and fresh viewpoint and the progression of the character is just fine. If you are a gaming fan of Final Fantasy, Persona 3 Portable is a completely redefined FF mechanics version. This game includes the content of original PlayStation 2 games Persona 2 and Persona 3, making it a superior game to play on the go.

5. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

6. Daxter

With this 2006 release, which brings the attention back to pure, unadulterated platforming, mobile side-story set between Jak and Daxter, and Jak II, one of the most iconic gamer franchises ever. Daxter is a front-to-back romp with personality and humor that supports the compact and skill-based gameplay framework. The graphics of PSP are definitely quite dated at this point, but Daxter is full of flair injecting the game with vibrant colors and subtle details. Attach some lamp movies in mini-games and you have a pretty good portable game for yourself.

7. GTA: Liberty City Stories

If Chinatown Wars is not what you’re looking for in a GTA game then worry no more because GTA: Liberty City Stories is all you need. This game brings the classic GTA 3 map back into action. If you have played GTA 3 then you will find yourself looking at familiar places and locations. The missions, however, are entirely new so you get to play the game in a completely different way. You will also see hints of Vice City and San Andreas thrown in there. The amazing visuals and the open-world of GTA makes it a joy to play it on the PSP. Do whatever you want in this Rated R game as long as you pay off the cops on time.

8. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

In this Realtime Action Prequel to the original PlayStation classic FFVII, fans of the Final Fantasy series feel right at home. You will look for missing soldiers Angeal and Genesis and discover the true story behind Shinra, as protagonist Zack Fair, a soldier member and minor character of the FFVII.

The game features a real-time war, providing a smooth experience, and emails obtained by Zack during the game provide a greater sense of immersion and meaning. Crisis Core has been developed for on-the-go games, too, as dozens of short side searches provide fun for bus or train rides.

9. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Kingdom Hearts: It would easy to turn into a fast cash in Birth By Sleep; a portable Heart of the Kingdom for milk fans waiting for a successful series for ever. Square did one of their most important games, filling the odd world with the same care and ambition as other titles of the series, such as the epic Hearts 2 of the Kingdom. Long before the launch of Kingdom Hearts3 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, everybody felt we would come to a third complete play.

10. Gran Turismo PSP

Gran Turismo PSP is a title that had no business looking and playing as good as it did on the PSP. Polyphony Digital barely took its foot off the pedal when creating an exclusive GT experience for Sony’s portable, and the result is a standalone title that purrs.

No doubt, GT is great to look at, but it also packs a lot under its hood. With over 800 cars, 35 tracks, and 60fps of raw racing performance, it makes up for its lack of a traditional career mode or some of the deeper customization you’ll find elsewhere in the series. Plus, GT PSP’s ad-hoc vehicle sharing and one-off multiplayer races are a nice touch. 

11. Tekken: Dark Resurrection

12. Ridge Racer

The adrenaline pumping fast paced racing game, Ridge Racer is available on the PSP. The nitrous boosts in this game make for the ultimate racing experience that will pump you up full of adrenaline. Test your driving skills against other players in an exciting multiplayer mode via Wi-Fi. With over 24 different tracks and a plethora of cool new cars available for unlocking, you’ll never get bored playing this amazing game on your PSP. Play the world tour mode and rise to the top as the best racer around the globe. Leave your mark on the racing world.

13. Lumines 2

Where the original Lumines captured audiences with its unique blend of rhythm and strategy, the follow-up brought big-name artists such as Gwen Stefani and Missy Elliott into the fray. This simple-yet-challenging puzzle game looks like Tetris at first glance but packs so much more into its sleek package. The player keeps their board clear by creating square shapes using solid colors; each stage has two sets of colorful blocks that drop in four-block-boxes with randomized patterns.

14. Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

You’ll be excited to know that Sony’s Ratchet and Clank series is now all on PSP, thanks to Developer High Impact Games, who miraculously engineered its duplication. Yet again, Ratchet and Clank set off on their latest adventure, which happens to be a rescue mission. A young girl named Luna needs their help to escape the treacherous grips of Otto Destruct, a tyrant of the Technomite peoples.

15.  BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

The fast paced fighting game is available on the PSP so you can take part in the ultimate fighting tournament. Get ready to perform insane combos and finish off your opponents with a flurry of massive attack in this 2D fighting game. The game contains only 12 fighters but each character has a far more deep personality than any other fighting game out there. The moves and combos are really unique and add a complete new layer of excitement to each character. All the modes from the console version of the game are included in this version so you can enjoy the game in the same way you always have.

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