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2.50 lakhs made with just 50 thousand rupees, start this big earning business

After leaving the job in Corona period, many people opened their own business. But there are many people who are left thinking about business only due to lack of money and no idea. So do not worry, today we are telling you about a business whose demand never diminishes. Meaning it is clear that this business is going to give profit all the time. There is never any decrease in the demand of mushroom in the market because of the nutritious elements present in it, as well as it is also a good medium of fiber. It is also good for health people, because it does not contain much calories. Many important minerals and vitamins are found in the mushroom. These include vitamin B, D, potassium, copper, iron and selenium.

Its retail price in the market is 300 to 350 rupees per kg and the wholesale rate is 40 percent less than this. Due to the huge demand for it, many farmers have started growing mushrooms, abandoning traditional farming. Let’s know everything about mushroom cultivation …

Earn Rs 2.50 by applying 50 thousand-
Compost is made for the cultivation of button mushrooms. One quintal compost takes 1.5 kg of seeds. By making 4 to 5 quintal of compost, about 2 thousand kg of mushroom becomes padai. Now if 2 thousand kg mushroom is sold at least Rs 150 per kg, then you will get around 3 lakh rupees. Even if you remove 50 thousand rupees as a cost, then 2.50 lakh rupees are left. Although its cost is less than 50 thousand rupees.Also read: PM Kisan Samman Nidhi: PM Modi told that this day money will come in the account of farmers

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Take training in mushroom cultivation

Mushroom cultivation training is imparted in all agricultural universities and agricultural research centers. If you are planning to cultivate it on a large scale, then it would be better to train it properly once. If we talk about the place, then 10 kg of mushroom can be grown comfortably per square meter. Mushrooms can be grown by making three-three-foot wide racks in a space of at least 40×30 feet.

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How to make compost
To make compost, the straw of the paddy has to be baked and after one day it is left to rot, adding DAP, urea, potash, wheat bran, gypsum and carbofudoran. Compost is ready after about one and a half months. Now, by adding a layer of cow dung and soil equal to one and a half inch thick, two to three inches thick layer of compost is mounted on it. To keep the moisture in it, the mushrooms are sprayed two to three times a day with a spray. A layer of compost is added on top of it. And in this way the mushroom production starts.

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