21 Movie Plot Twists And Climaxes People Just Hate With A Passion

“I was full on, tears-rolling-down-my-face crying as I thought we were getting to a bittersweet but beautiful end to the movie, and then it just goes full weird comedy for a long chase scene that is so out of place before it just pulls a compete switch that is so messed up and made me so angry…You think the main twist is that Hina’s actually slowly fading from existence the more she uses her abilities, serving as basically a human sacrifice that in the end will stop the rains and flooding. And you think she’s going willingly, having realized how valuable the normal weather is to the world and the people she loves. But no, Hodaka decides he won’t allow it and escapes police custody to go ‘rescue’ her. Okay, fine, but how will they deal with the whole needing a sacrifice to stop the rain that is destroying Japan? Plot twist: THEY DON’T. He gets the girl, and the rain never stops and half the country is underwater and people have died but they basically say, ‘Eh, the weather changes, that’s how it is, and now we’re together so I don’t care.’ I will always be so mad at how this movie was going so, so well and then it just becomes the worst thing it could possibly be.”


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