21 Weird Things That Happen In Disney Movies That Were Never Addressed


Why did nobody inform Aurora about Maleficent’s curse?


In Cinderella, the fairy godmother’s magic disappears at midnight, however the glass slippers stay intact.


Speaking of the glass slippers, Prince Charming tries to have each younger lady within the nation attempt on the slipper Cinderella left behind. That plan, to say the least, is unfeasible.

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How many maidens are on this nation? Are we speaking lots of of hundreds or tens of millions? How was this glass slipper census applied?


In The Lion King, if Scar needs to be king a lot he is keen to have his members of the family killed, why did not he kill Mufasa years in the past, lengthy earlier than Simba was born?


At the tip of The Little Mermaid, Ariel and Eric get married, however she’s 16. 16!

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Disney does this type of factor lots.


In Tarzan, if Jane and her household are from London and so they educate Tarzan English, why does Tarzan converse with an American accent?


When Snow White arrives at an unknown cottage within the woods, she cleans it. There’s a variety of unhealthy stuff with ladies in Disney motion pictures — Snow White shines in that regard — however that is laughably bonkers.

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Other moments of Snow White misogyny embody: the Queen being terrified Snow White will probably be prettier than she, the Queen asking her mirror EVERY DAY to inform her who’s the fairest of all of them, and Snow White assembly the Prince the day she turns into the fairest and never a second sooner.


And if Snow White is aware of the Queen is attempting to have her killed, why does she fall asleep on strangers’ beds in an unknown cottage? Stay alert, Snow White!

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Also, no queen is attempting to have me killed, however I might by no means fall asleep on beds in an unknown home in the midst of the woods.


In Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent curses Aurora to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die earlier than the solar units on her sixteenth birthday. That’s so unnecessarily particular.

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Why not curse Aurora to demise on the whole? I really feel like that will get the evil job completed.


Also, nobody tells Aurora concerning the curse, however it might be a lot safer to inform her all the things. If she knew, she would by no means go anyplace close to the spindle of a spinning wheel.


The day after Pinocchio’s dropped at life, he heads off to high school. He’s a really not too long ago sentient puppet strolling to high school.

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Pocahontas’s hair stays flawless whereas she’s in the midst of a wind spiral.


Cinderella’s stepmother banishes her to reside within the attic, however nobody Cinderella knew beforehand ever checks in on her.

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Before her father died, Cinderella was a traditional youngster. So why does not anybody discover she’s disappeared? Or, if folks from the world have come to the home to see her, why have not they seen she’s clearly distressed?


I imply, even with how horrible Cinderella’s scenario is, her fairy godmother gives her garments. She does not give Cinderella a greater dwelling or cash or something.


Ariel from The Little Mermaid actually loves people and all that, however she does no analysis. She has to assume to recollect the phrase “street.” So what does she love about people precisely?

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She will get all her details about people from a seagull who spouts nonsense.


In Sleeping Beauty, Prince Phillip is from one other kingdom, so why is he wandering across the forest subsequent to the fairies’ cottage?


And, extra importantly, he kisses Aurora whereas she’s asleep. Are we simply not gonna speak about that?

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In addition, it isn’t good that Merryweather turns the curse right into a scenario by which Aurora needs to be kissed whereas she’s in a deep sleep.


A nonconsensual kiss additionally occurs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In this one, the Prince kisses Snow White whereas he thinks she’s useless. She’s not useless. She’s asleep. But both approach it’s extremely unhealthy.


And why does the Queen in Snow White demand the Huntsman return with Snow White’s coronary heart in a field, as proof she’s useless? That’s each very intense and simple to pretend.


In The Aristocats, Madame Adelaide Bonfamille places in her will that her cats will get her fortune till they die. Her CATS.

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After her cats die, the fortune will go to Edgar, however that is not adequate for him. So he tries to kill the cats to get the cash and all the things sooner. Jesus Christ, Edgar.

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And lastly, Ariel from The Little Mermaid can write — she indicators Ursula’s contract — however she doesn’t write down something to speak with Eric.

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