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35 “It’s Always ‘Wyd’ And Never [Insert Joke Quote Here]” Tweets That Have Actually Sent Me



“It’s always ‘wyd’ and never ‘yhbmbas [you have bewitched me, body and soul.]’


Recently, on www.twitter.com, I’ve been seeing a slew of tweets making enjoyable of the “wyd” messages utilized by people of the fuckboi selection to gauge whether or not or not their desired parter is keen to take part in after-hours actions:


Well, as a result of the web likes to escalate issues to a better stage of hilariousness, folks have taken this sentiment and turned it right into a meme referring to well-known popular culture quotes:


So, listed here are among the funniest “it’s always ‘wyd’ and never [insert niche yet universal acronym here]” tweets that’ve introduced me a lot pleasure:

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