40 Cozy Styles That Make Relaxing Look So Good


Promising assessment: “I purposefully got this at a larger size. I have sensory issues and fibromyalgia, so anything touching me can really physically hurt sometimes. Anyway, this came vacuum-packed, was easy to open with scissors, and I opened it up and put my hand in and oh my God this thing is soft. Think of a baby blanket. Think of baby stuffed toys. You know that super soft plush fabric? This is what that is like. It is the softest thing, and you need it. First impression: super warm. Like, I could honestly leave the house at 20 degrees and still feel warm. I had to take it off once I got in the house because it’s that warm and cozy, and I’m in a rayon dress right now! You got sensory issues? Get one. You have chronic pain? Get one. You hate puffy coats? Get one. You like soft things that feel like a gentle warm hug? Get one. I mean honestly. Best buy I’ve done in a long time, and I’ve been buying a lot of things as of late. PS: It’s not hemmed all the way up to the armpits like other things, which leaves a lot of room so it’s way more comfortable.” —Emily René Polnaszek

Get it from Amazon for $37.98+ (obtainable in sizes S–XXL and in 20 colours).

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