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Best Keyboard Apps for Android Top Keyboard Apps

Best Keyboard Apps for Android: The most important feature on your android smartphone is your keyboard. The keyboard app is a basic feature of every android smartphone, and without it the phone is useless.

If you are still using the default stock keyboard, and looking for a Keyboard App that you can customize easily and want to try new themes. So, you are at the right place. The stock keyboard is also a good keyboard and has all those features which are necessary for daily typing, but this is never sufficient. You don’t need to stay to the pre – loaded keyboard.

So, in this article we have created a list of our 5 top keyboards apps we use and trust and these keyboards help us to chat, type up articles and tweet in a easy and better way.


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List of Best Keyboard Apps for Android

1. Gboard

Best Keyboard Apps for Android Top Keyboard Apps

Gboard is the product of Google and it is popularly known as Google keyboard. In 2016, Google replaced Google Keyboard with Gboard. It is the best ever keyboard application for android devices. This keyboard is on the top of our list because of its advanced productivity features. Such as great predictions, Swipe-to-type, auto-correct, multi-language support,  machine learning, and different layouts.

In Gboard you have easy access to gifs and sticker packs such as the Disney Stickers collections. This keyboard is a stock Android keyboard for Nexus devices, as it is a stock keyboard it offers some excellent featurres which are usefull in everyday life. such as speed and reliability, gesture typing, voice typing, etc.

Gboard is a very simple and fast keyboard app for android devices.This keyboard gives you a option of customization and themes you can easily customize this keyboard. This keyboard supports over 100 different languages. In our opinion Gboard is one of the best keyboard app for android smartphone.

2. Chrooma Keyboard

Best Keyboard Apps for Android Top Keyboard Apps

Chrooma Keyboard is a fully customizable, easy to use and Light- weight keyboard app for android. Chrooma keyboard is a free app, which you can easily install from play store. This keyboard app provide you amazing features like multi-language typing, dynamic Night mode, one hand mode, color themes etc. This app is little bit similar to the google keyboard, but the chrooma keyboard will bring you much more features and customizable options then the google keyboard.

Chrooma is a very unique, cool and colorful keyboard. The Chrooma keyboard is a color adaptive keyboard, that’s mean Chrooma keyboard has the ability to change its color on each app you’re using. For example: If you are using Facebook the keyboard turns blue, if you are using Whatsapp it turns green, and for Youtube it turns red, and so on. This keyboard also provide you a feature of night mode.

If you want more features like keyboard style, size, font, so you have to go for the Premium,which costs you $9.99.

3. Microsoft SwiftKey

Best Keyboard Apps for Android Top Keyboard Apps

Microsoft Swift is the best all-in-one keyboard app for android, that offers all the features you need for daily typing. One of the cool feature of this keyboard that  it supports multiple layouts and keyboard sizes, and it has the amazing  prediction capabilities and over 800 prediction-based emojis in its arsenal.

Swiftkey is a freemium keyboard application with both free and premium themes. Swift keyboard is the not the top keyboard but it offers some of the cool and amazing features that make it’s the most popular keyboard application for android. some of the more incredible features of this keyboard that it supports 100+ languages support, you can type with 3 languages at the same time, precise auto-correct and gesture typing which makes this keyboard very convenient to type.

4. Fleksy

Best Keyboard Apps for Android Top Keyboard Apps

Fleksy is the fastest keyboard in the world. In fleksy keyboard you found the traditional QWERTY layout. The fleksy keyboard offers a tons of amazing features like auto correct engine to correct your sloppy typing.

Fleksy is a fully customizable keyboard. Fleksy is a next-generation keyboard because it uses autocorrect and gesture control. Fleksy keyboard comes with features which are used in basic typing such as web search, GIF and meme support, themes, extensions, etc.

It is a free keyboard but it comes with  in-app purchases in the form of extensions so, if you want to customize it and want more theme you have to pay for it. In addition if you want a fast keyboard so should go for fleksy keyboard.

5. Grammarly Keyboard

Best Keyboard Apps for Android Top Keyboard Apps

If you are a writer, blogger, professor and want to type grammatical error free So, the Grammarly keyboard is for you. This keyboard has the ability to track of what you’re typing and correct the spelling and words when you are typing.

Grammarly Keyboard doesn’t gave you the option of customization and other cool features like GIF support. Grammerly is a free keyboard application to use but if you are using desktop so, there is a paid upgrade that includes things like context check and integration. this keyboard app is available for both Android and iOS.


In this article we have shared our 5 best Keyboard Apps for Android,you can choose one of them according to your need. In our opinion, if you want keyboard which is highly customizable so, you should go for Chrooma Keyboard and if you are a witer or somebody who writes occasionally so, you should go for Grammarly Keyboard. So, let us know in the comments section which Android keyboard app you are using on your android device.

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