6 Best Voice Editor Apps 2020

Best Voice Editor Apps

If you are a beginner and looking for a best voice editor apps that helps you to sound better then you are at the right place.. It makes a good sound better and so on! If you go to Play Store or Apple App Store, you’ll find a lot of voice editor apps for singing. But no one knows that these types of apps work or not. These voice editor apps won’t offers you a professional output but you can enhance the quality of your voice by adding certain filters. You can also try some Best Video Editor App.

So, in this article. I’m going to share, the best singing voice editor apps. Make sure you read until the end of this article to know my personal favorite.


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List of Best Voice Editor Apps

6. Red Karaoke Sing & Record

The first singing app in our list is Red Karaoke Sing and Record. This is one of the best voice editing application that will provide you all the basic as well as advanced features like enhance the voice texture. This feature is not available in any other app.

Another features like adding effects, filters were available for free in the free version, and one of the bad thing about this application that this application doesn’t provide some basic features such as trim, cut and copy.

5. Sing! By Smule

Sing By Smule is a very famous voice editor application, that helps you to sound better. This app is a karaoke app that provide you a feature of record your voice with music.

This app is a basic voice editor app and doesn’t provide professional or advanced features. As in the Red Karaoke Sing & Record app. This app doesn’t provide trim, copy and cut features that make your voice better.

Although it is really great voice editor application you can try this and once to done it also gave you a feature of publish the song.

4. BandLab Music Maker

As a music maker, Band Lab music maker offers you various options like importing pre-recorded tracks from other sources, plug in Guitar, Bass, for beats.Band Lab music maker also supports recording of vocal tracks and adding effects while editing music.

The most amazing feature of that app that i really like is its collaborative feature. In this application you can collaborate with others creators.

BandLab Music Maker is a good voice editor application that provide all the features that you need for editing. So, try this app and let me know in the comment section that you like or dislike this app.

3. Music Studio Lite

Music Studio Lite. is also a great voice editor application. This is a beginner application. This application provide a quick start guide with a video tutorial. Music Studio Lite is the best application when it comes to edit your voice.

Music Studio Lite offers you tons of amazing features such as recording tracks, keyboard,choosing instruments, adding new effects and many more.

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You can see some limitations in the lite version of this application. such as in Music Studio Lite you can’t find exporting and sharing feature. When we talk about instruments. Music Studio Lite provides only 11 instruments out of 118 in the free version. And many advanced features were also not provided.

The paid version of Music Studio costs $14.99. In the paid version the application offers you many great features such as 3 additional effects, beats and MIDI import or export.

2. Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio Editor is the next best voice editing application. This application provide you some of the cool features like change the speed, tempo,and pitch of your recording. This application also provide you a noise reduction feature for better voice recording

Lexis Audio Editor is a free application but if you want to use it for along time you have to upgrade to pro version. It price of the pro version is $2.5 which is a great deal. This app offers you all the basic tools that you need in editing. It is a great application you must try it.

1. WavePad Audio Editor

If you want basic as well as advanced options WavePad Audio Editor is for you. This application provide you such a cool features that no other application offers you.

This application comes with a basic user interface. This application offers you with some of the great features such as variety of effects to enhance your audio or voice. This application had a ability to edit, record or share the audio. In this application you can also add echoto the audio.

This is a free app with in-app purchase. If you want to unlock all the advanced features such as various effects and formats you must purchase the pro version of this app.


In this article we have shared a list of best Singing Voice Editor Apps. You can use these apps according to your need, and if you want to know my personal favorite. So, You can go for WavePad Audio Editor. To improve the clarity of the sound.

So, which is your favorite app in the list of best singing voice editor apps that’ll make you sound good. Which singing app is your personal favorite? Do let me know in the comments section. Did you enjoy reading! Thanks for reading.

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