7 Best Discord Music Bots You Can Use Now

Discord has become the best gaming chat service in the industry in the past two years. Thanks to its easy-to-use user experience and set of features, no other game chat service can match its prowess. One of Discord’s biggest features is its ability to integrate Discord Bots that cannot only help to streamline stuff but also carry out native actions. My favorite Discord bots are music bots that make it possible for users to play background music while the entire Community chats. In this article we’ll take a closer look at all Discord music bots and list the 8 best Discord music bots to use it for 2020.

Discord allows the users to attach with Spotify and play the music directly from it. Bots help users to customize their server according to their requirements. But it is essential to choose the right bot to fit your requirements.

Admittedly, it is a tricky task to choose the right bot because there are many different categories of bots to integrate with the server.

So, in this article, we have selected 10 best discord music bots in 2020. Go through this article to know about the discord music bots. All the Discord are the best, which we have mentioned below in this article.

7 Best Discord Music bots in 2020

1. 24/7

This bot plays day and night music according to the name. It is possible to run the songs chosen, connect any live YouTube video or start a stream of radio. It’s cool already the free edition. You get Youtube controls, playlists, volume control and quality improvement with the premium that costs $2.47 a month, too.

The free version of the bot even lets you play YouTube livestreams, but if you want even more features, you can subscribe to the premium version. If you opt for the paid version, you get access to a host of features, such as higher quality audio playback, volume controls, the ability to make your custom commands, and a lot more.

2. Fredboat

For a good reason Fredboat is one of the most popular bots in music. It’s very easy and doesn’t require any configuration. The bot’s music commands are easy to remember and you can use them in no time to play high quality music on your server.

There are many fantastic features packed with FredBoat. It supports streams and direct connections from a dozen pages. You can search these sites with YouTube and SoundCloud Playlists unlimited. It has sophisticated music controls, positions and even moderation.

The bot is completely free to use and allows you to play music from services like YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc. You can choose to directly link a song or playlist that you want to play or use Fredboat’s search feature to find the song for you.

3. Rythm

Another of the best Discord musical bots you can find in Rhythm for Discord songs. Rhythm supports various streaming sources, such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch and many more, similar to Fredboat. One of Rhythm’s unique features is the ability to line up songs from your playlists when your current queue is empty. You may directly enter or search for links to songs with the search command to play the songs.

4. Groovy

Let’s check Groovy more. Going further. It is known for its stability, because even on larger servers it operates smoothly. The tool facilitates the streaming of music, checking lyrics, shuffling and setting access rights. The premium edition starts at $3.99 a month per server and adds speed, audio and 24/7 streaming controls.

5. Vexera

Vexera is one of the most functionally rich music bots, supporting various sources, mods, lyrics and different commands. It is in 15 languages available. The premium edition costs $3 per months, including high-class voice servers and integration with Spotify. The pro version is $5 a month, giving Vexera Pro access — a second bot.

6. BMO

BMO is also one of the best available discovery in 2021, supportive of games, utilities, image manipulation, music, music.

When we compare BMO to other internet bits, BMO is complicated and you have to learn about over 300 commands first and every command is difficult to remember.

BMO works more effectively in the quest, play, and add songs to the queue if we speak of its performance. All in all BMO will fulfill your expectations if you are searching for more features with a single bot.

7. Tony Bamanaboni XD

It may be hard to interpret the name of this bot, but the bot itself is easy to use. The bot will do everything you could expect of a Discord music bot that means you can play/pause music, scan for music, queue music, build automotive playlists and more. It also provides support for all popular music sources including YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and more.

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