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7 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android 2021

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Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android 2021: The new smartphone flagship bundles cameras that also compete with DSLRs. The ability to capture slow-motion videos is one of the most interesting features of a flagship camera. The slow-motion videos are not only cool, they also offer an extra artistic layer. Slow motion effects can really make watching a mundane video enjoyable and have an entirely different viewing experience. So, if you don’t have an Android flagship but still want to enjoy and make videos with slow motion, here are some of Android’s best video and camera apps to help you do.

7 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android 2021

1. SloPro

SloPro is a Slow Motion 1000fps video app in iOs. It is one of the best slow motion applications on the market in its version 3. It’s been created and featured by Sand Mountain Studios LLC, Gizmodo, Redmond Pie and MacWorld.

Users want to have the ability to simulate optical flow 500ps and 1000fps. SloPro lets you edit while shooting, pick various slow effects and easily share your social media edits like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

2. Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX is one of Android’s best video and slow motion camera apps. The app helps you to not only record video slowly, but also convert your existing videos to slow motion videos. The application is very easy to use. You will be asked, whether you want to record or convert an already existing video when you start the app and tap the Start Slow Motion button.

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3. VLC

 Among many things that VLC does, slow motion playback is one of its best features and something that has been part of VLC for a long time. You can play any type of media formats and slow down the video playback using a convenient slider on your screen. It supports slow-motion playback of up to 0.25x. And not only that, if you wish to play the video in fast motion then you can do so as well and it goes up to 4x. You can find the slow-motion option under the 3-dot menu -> “Playback speed”.

4. Slo-Gram

If you want to do away with all the complicated video sharing between social apps and video editing apps, then the Slo-Gram is perfect for your slow motion editing adventures! It is a snap away from your Instagram account. No accidental cropping of your videos on the sides. Slo-Gram adds a white border when you import the video to your Instagram.

5. Videoshop – Video Editor

One of the best Android video editing applications, the Video Editor. It helps you to trim videos, add audio, color adjustments, animated titles, voice reviews and much more. The ability to add slow move effects to any video will feature the app we will focus on in this article. The best thing about using Videoshop is to pick a part of a clip in which the slow-motion effect is to be applied.

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6. Slow Motion Video Maker

As the name means, Slow Motion Video Maker is a dedicated program to create slow motion videos. And it provides slow motion replay with 1/4x and 1/2x speeds, just like other applications in this list. You can either directly fire a video in slow motion from the app or convert existing videos to variable slow motion rates on your smartphone. There is also a reverse video mode, which is pretty good for TikTok and Instagram stories, and can make videos interesting. Moreover, you can also delete audio from the behind, crop varieties and cutting videos and much more using a mini video editor.

7. Slow Motion: Speed Video Editor

Want to create a video in one tap with a slow? Simply pick a video in your gallery, select the speed of slower movement playback and tap Export. And the best thing about that is that even after the conversion that many top video editors lack, the quality of the video remains very good. So go to this app if you want the highest quality video. In addition, there are additional video editing and trimming features, fast motion, reverse transformation, part of the video crop and more. In brief, I think that Speed Video Editor is one of the best options if you want an easy-to-use slow motion video application.

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