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8 Best Personal Finance Apps for iPhone and Android

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Best Personal Finance Apps for iPhone and Android: Start the new year out right with the best spending tracking apps, which can help keep tabs on what you’re spending each month right from the comfort of your own phone.

Both Apple’s App Store and Google Play are filled with apps that let you set a budget, log your expenses and even do some micro-investing. No matter what your goals are, there’s a budget app for you.

Best Personal Finance Apps for iOS and Android (2021)

1. Mint: Your Smart Personal Finance Assistant

Managing finance becomes a hassle-free experience when all the accounts are in perfect sync. Thus, you don’t have to run from pillar to post to keep track of things like expenses and credit card bills. Well, Mint aims to do just that, ensuring your accounts and spending are in one place. As a result, you are able to monitor everything – from budgets to transactions to expenses – with ease at your own pace.

Based on what you wish to accomplish, you can use Mint to set your financial goals and take advantage of the actionable tips to stay on track to achieve them. The app keeps a close watch on where your money is going and provides money management advice accordingly. Additionally, it also shows how well you are performing in terms of managing your finance so that you remain focused.

2. Apple Card

For iPhone users, any talk about tracking spending should start with the Apple Card. While it’s a Goldman Sachs-backed credit card, not a budgeting app, Apple’s latest service has a component that lets you keep track of your spending. 

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Besides an easy application process and a cash-back program, the Apple Card also breaks down your monthly purchases by category. You’ll be able to launch iOS’s built-in Wallet app to see your weekly and month spending patterns, with Apple using machine learning to identify categories for each purchase. 

3. PocketGuard 

PocketGuard is an all-in-one banking account tracking and financial planning app that explains how much you have in your accounts and how much you will invest the day.

4. Wally 

Budget tracking app Wally gives you a free expense tracker that you can augment with extra features available through premium subscriptions. Users sign in with their email address, and can then set a savings target and daily budget, log expenses and income, track expenses over time, set reminders for bills and more, all presented in a timeline feed or in a calendar. 

5. MoneyStrands 

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Users should set personal savings targets and set a categorized budget so they can easily see if they have money in the budget to enjoy extra costs. You will also find a calendar option when making most of your purchases and when your income is on the increase.

To improve your money management, MoneyStandards also provides detailed charts and graphs that you can use to dive into specifics and track down the spots that are proving to be the roadblocks. As someone who prefers to have high-quality charts, I appreciate them for being insightful. Additionally, it uses 256-bit SSL encryption to offer a trusted shield to your data.

6. Mobills – Best Insightful Graphs and Detailed Reports

With “Mobills” at your beck and call, you won’t have to spend much time to figure out where your money is going or for that matter what actually has derailed your finances. Unlike ordinary finance app, it provides in-depth graphs (including the cash flow ones) that help you have better insight into your money.

7. Money Lover

Money Lover is an all-in-one freemium toolkit that allows you to track your cash on hand and bank accounts, create a budget, view infographic breakdowns of your spending and more. 

The free features already cover most of your basics, from entering expenses and building budgets to viewing and tracking your spending habits. With in-app purchases or a premium subscription, you get extra features, such as receipt scanning and automate expense tracking; you’re also able to link your accounts to the app, saving you from manually tracking your bank account and related expenses. 

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8. Honeyfi 

Honeyfi is another app designed to support households and collaborative budgeting. The budget can be quickly established and your personal and household accounts linked to the app to enable you to view all your expenses together. You can mark transactions, add notes, classify, and automatically recommend the app and exchange financial details to help you and your partner deal with your expenditures and plan your finances together.

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