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Aapbeeti: Kanika Kapoor, the country’s first Corona-positive celebrity, spoke- At that time, I and my children were threatened with death.

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Kanika Kapoor was the first celebrity in the country who had a corona virus infection. Now Kanika has revealed how she faced public criticism after the transition. The news of Kanika Kapoor being Corona positive came out in March 2020, after which she had to be angry with the people.

Kanika was also one of the highest Google celebrities this year. Now when she is recovering from this phase and focusing on her work, she has told about her difficult time.

At that time, I was helpless – Kanika
In an interview with Spotboye, Kanika said- That period was really difficult. Not only for me but for my whole family. Because we didn’t know what was really happening to us. Apart from this, the entire media and people had turned against us, for that which I was not aware of myself. Apparently I was feeling helpless. I was accused of many things. Between this time, I did a lot of things. But I felt that they would at least hear what the truth was before writing or commenting about me. You are blaming someone based on rumors. How is this correct?

Kanika narrated a series of stories
In the same way, there are many more.
Kanika further said- Quarantine rules were not in force in India when I returned on 9 March. Everyone played Holi on 10 March. And then I went to my father and mother in Lucknow. Then on 16 and 17 March I started having fever. So I got my checkup done and on March 20 my report came back positive. Now think if I had known the effect, could I have put my parents, especially my 90-year-old grandmother’s life in danger. People alleged that I did not get my checkup done at the airport, did not follow the rules.

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All this had happened with Kanika

  • Kanika returned from London on 9 March. She then stayed in an apartment in Mahanagar, Lucknow. Where 700 families live.
  • Taj joined the party held at the hotel. On March 15, this party was given by Seth Adesh Seth, father-in-law of former Congress MP Jitin Prasad.
  • He was accompanied by many people including former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, his son Dushyant Singh, Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Jayapratap. The three later had to isolate themselves.
  • Kanika went to attend the ceremony of her relative here in Kanpur. The 45 people involved in the party were investigated after being corona positive, although reports of all came negative.
  • The infection was confirmed on 20 March. After this, Kanika was admitted to Lucknow SGPI, positive reports came 5 times in a row.
  • Three FIRs were also lodged in Lucknow against Kanika for not following the rules laid down after returning from London.

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