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Adnan Sami gave a befitting reply to Pakistani trolls, saying – ‘spread peace, not terror’

Mumbai. Famous singer and musician Adnan Sami is very active on Twitter. He is often seen putting his opinion in front of the public on contemporary issues. He is a social media user who does not ignore trolling at all. He gives a befitting reply to the troller with his self-respect. Recently taught a good lesson to a troller once again. Adnan Sami made a tweet, on which he started being trolled. Most of the people in this were from Pakistan.

In fact, a citizen of Pakistan commented on the two-day old tweet of the singer about the historical event of the surrender day. He wrote on Singer’s post tweeting – ‘Try to spread love’.

Singer Adnan Sami gave the answer to this and he wrote- ‘I always spread love. Haven’t you heard my songs? In return, you should focus on spreading peace- not terror! … Next! ‘Netizens came in support of the singer after watching this comment of Adnan. A person wrote on his post, ‘He always does and we are all very proud and blessed to have him.’

Let me tell you, Adnan Sami got citizenship of India only a few years ago, due to which often Pakistani citizens keep trying to troll him. However, Adnan gives a befitting reply to all trolls. Apart from his singing, Adnan Sami is also very active on social media.

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