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After ‘Bigg Boss 14’, this thing about Ali Goni became broken, Rubina Dilac’s heart, said this

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‘Bigg Boss 14’ is over and all the contestants are busy with their work. After winning the show, Rubina Dilak is also steeped in celebrations. Recently he took a live session on Twitter to thank the fans and during this time he came to know something about Ali Goni that broke his heart.

Rubina was shocked to find out the truth about Ali Goni who was supported by Rubina Dilac in Bigg Boss house and considered her brother. During a #AskRubi session on Twitter, a fan asked Rubina if she was aware that Ali Goni took advantage of the situation after her husband Abhinav Shukla’s affair eviction?

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The question was, ‘Do you know that when Abhinav was wrongly removed and you and Abhinav were crying while separating, Ali Goni later said,’ I did not let them cry, separated them so that Rubina Don’t get Simpathi votes? ‘

In response, Rubina said, “Sad, but yes I came to know when I came out of the house.”

Please tell that after Jasmine Bhasin was homeless in ‘Bigg Boss 14’, Rubina supported Ali a lot. The bond of both of them grew stronger with time. Initially, there were many differences between Rubina and Ali due to Jasmine, but gradually they also started diminishing. However, Rubina still considers Ali well and praises him.

Rubina said this after Ali’s inability to reach top-2

In an interview with NavbharatTimes.com, Rubina told Ali that she wanted to see him in the top-2 and that his game was also good. He had said, ‘I was watching Ali in Top-2. Reaching the finale is the result of our hard work and dedication. Winning the trophy from there is a game of luck. To what extent have you been able to convey your views and thoughts to the people, it is in the hands of the public. From there onwards, I cannot say how well she was or how wrong, but I wish she had reached the top-2. I always used to see him in the top-3.


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