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Ajit Singh massacre: Attackers escaped from red colored duster after firing 25 bullets, revealed in CCTV footage

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The police involved in the investigation of the former block chief Ajit Singh murder in Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow is empty handed. On CCTV, suspicious shooters are seen escaping from a red duster car, which the police are looking for. Police believe that after setting up the bike at the Awadh bus depot, the martyrs have escaped from the path by seizing the shooter with a red duster.

Meanwhile, the post mortem has revealed that Ajit was shot at with 25 bullets in which 21 bullets crossed. Four pills have been found in the stomach and chest. Five different police teams are looking for sources.

Attacked by suspected red duster car
It is being told that the Red Duster car was in the vicinity of Awadh bus depot after the incident. Two bike Avadh bus depots received the keyed demand. It is clearly visible in the CCTV that a red duster car came and suddenly stood on the side of Awadh bus depot. In which the walking man was wearing a jacket and carried a bag in his hand.

He came and sat after which the red duster car went straight towards the martyr path. It is being speculated that the car has gone towards Sultanpur. It is currently looking for CCTV footage on the police border towards Rae Bareli.


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