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Akshay Kumar – Speak to fans, contribute according to your ability in the construction of Ram temple

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Mumbai. Actor Akshay Kumar has shared a video in which he has asked his fans and followers to contribute to the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya. He has shot the video at his home, and narrated a story from the Hindu epic Ramayana to inspire his fans to donate.

Akshay Kumar started his video with the fact that, he had told his daughter Nitara last night the story of a squirrel who wanted to make a small contribution to the construction of Ram Setu so that Lord Ram could reach Lanka. Akshay said that the story of the squirrel inspires everyone to contribute as much as possible in the construction of the Ram temple.

Akshay has said in his video that, ‘A big temple of Lord Shri Ram is being built in Ayodhya. Some of us become apes, some become squirrels and as per their ability, they should be partners in building the historic grand Ram temple. I start myself. I am sure that you too will join me, so that the coming generations can get inspiration from the grand Ram temple to follow the life and messages of Maryada Purushottam Ram. Jai Siyaram’

Sharing the video on Twitter, Akshay Kumar wrote, ‘It is heartening to know that the construction of the grand temple of Shri Ram in Ayodhya has started … Now it is our turn to contribute. I have started, hopefully you will also join it. Jai Siyaram.’

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President Ram Nath Kovind also contributed five lakh rupees for the construction of the temple on Friday. The fund raising campaign will be conducted in 525,000 villages and the collected money will have to be deposited in the banks within 48 hours. The collection campaign has been started from 15 January and will run till 27 February.

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