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Allahabad High Court’s big verdict: Court said, cannot punish anyone only on the basis of suspicion, solid evidence is necessary for this

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Prayagraj25 minutes ago

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The court revoked the life sentence of Bakshraj, accused in the 2009 murder at Dhata in Fatehpur.  - Dainik Bhaskar

The court revoked the life sentence of Bakshraj, accused in the 2009 murder at Dhata in Fatehpur.

  • Sentenced for life imprisonment for murder accused, immediate release
  • The High Court said that the Sessions Court made a mistake by punishing the accused

The Allahabad High Court on Wednesday gave an important verdict, saying that no one can be punished on the basis of mere suspicion, unless there is strong evidence against the allegation. Simultaneously, the court has canceled the life imprisonment of Bakshraj, accused of murder in Dhata, Fatehpur in 2009, and ordered his immediate release, exonerating him. This decision was given by a division bench of Justice Bachhu Lal and Justice SC Sharma.

Hearing in the 2009 case
The bench had accepted the criminal appeal against the sentence given by the Sessions Court. Advocates Amit Kumar Srivastava and Ramesh Kumar Mishra debated on the appeal on Wednesday. They said that the deceased Rajan Pasi had gone to feed the fish in the pond at 9 pm on October 9, 2009. When he did not return till morning, the brothers went out to find him. In the morning he was bled under a tree. He was stabbed. An FIR was lodged on the second day. Suspicion was expressed on the accused. It is said that his brother was killed in a robbery 14-15 years ago. Killed in revenge from the deceased. The court said that there are no eyewitnesses.

There is also no evidence of the accused being seen at the scene of the incident. There is no trace of blood on the knife that has been recovered. The accused has not even admitted the crime. There is no independent witness. All are relatives of the deceased. In such a situation, without any strong evidence, baseless suspicion cannot be punished. The court said that doubt cannot replace evidence. There must be evidence of a murder charge to convict. The Sessions Court has committed a mistake. After this, the court, while revoking the sentence of life imprisonment, acquitted the accused and directed for immediate release.

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