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Along with India, bird flu has spread in 10 European countries, know ten major things

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In India, along with Coronavirus, Bird Flu is also spreading rapidly. In the last few days hundreds of birds have died due to this dangerous virus. Its spread has been confirmed in five states of the country. Now there is a ruckus in the state governments regarding this. Every important step is being taken to reduce its spread. There itself Bird flu It is spread not only in India but also in 10 European countries.

Know the main things-

Bird flu is spread by influenza type A virus. Like the corona, it can also spread all over the world.

There are many strains of bird flu virus. But what is spread in the present time, it is being said that it spreads only in birds.

Bird flu has been confirmed in 5 states in India. These include Rajasthan, Kerala, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh.

Millions of birds have been found dead in poultry farms in Haryana. Immigrant birds have been found dead in Himachal Pradesh and hundreds of crow dead in Madhya Pradesh.

Bird flu has spread in 10 European countries in the last few weeks. These include the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Croatia and Ukraine.

Bird flu has also spread to South Korea and Japan. It is by far the most dangerous level in these countries.

In France, about 6 lakh birds are being killed in view of bird flu. So far 2 lakh poultry farm birds have been killed in the country.

In Germany, 62,000 turkey birds and ducks will be killed. Bird flu has also been found in some farms there.

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In Japan, the government has ordered to disinfect poultry farms across the country. This is the most dreadful bird flu in the last four years there.

Bird flu is not easy to spread from humans to humans. But H5N1 virus is very serious and fatal. Death is natural in 10 to 6 confirmed cases among humans.

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