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Amid tension over LAC, China deploys new general for Western Theater Command

New Delhi. The India-China standoff in East Ladakh has been going on for several months. Amid tensions at the border, Chinese President Xi Jinping has appointed a new general for the Western Theater Command. General Zhang Judong has been appointed as Commander of the Western Theater Command, announcing the head of the Central Military Commission and President Xi Jinping.

General Zhang has no prior experience in Western theater, Tibet or Xinjiang. He has spent his career in Northeast Shenyang Military Zone (now under Northern Theater Command). In addition, President Xi has promoted four senior Chinese military and armed police officers. Other officers promoted were Guo Poxiao, Political Commissioner of the Logistics Support Department of CMC; Li Wea, political commander of the PLA Strategic Support Force and Wang Spark, the commander.

Western theater commander gave permission to attack
Let me tell you that in May, 20 soldiers of India were martyred in a violent clash between Indo-Chinese forces in eastern Ladakh. At the same time, there has been no disclosure from China about the death of its soldiers. According to the US intelligence report, Chinese Western Theater Commander Chief Zhao Jongki had allowed the attack in Galvan. According to the report, Zhao wanted to teach India a lesson by attacking Indian soldiers.Western theater command was received in 2017

65-year-old General Zhang led the Western Theater Command during the 2017 Doklam standoff where the Indian Army stood against the PLA’s plan to lay a road close to the Indian border in Bhutan’s claimed territory.

Who is General Zhao Jongki?
He is considered to be a very cruel general in the Chinese army who has been ambushing and attacking. General Zhao wanted more land to be seized in Doklam. Both President Xi Jinping and General Zhao were included in the revolutionary hero of Shanxi Province of CPC. He was severely attacked during the Vietnam War in 1979, but he escaped.

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The US intelligence report said that General Zhao was in the PLA during the Vietnam War in 1979, and his mismanagement is believed to have caused a lot of controversy.

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