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Amrapali Dubey did dance on Akshara Singh’s song ‘Lipwa Se Nathuniya’, video went viral


Amrapali Dubey, popularly known as the YouTube queen of Bhojpuri cinema, shares videos on her Instagram. In these videos she shows amazing swag and dance. Amrapali Dubey (Amrapali Dubey Dance Video) has shared a video on her Instagram account. In this video, the Bhojpuri actress is seen dancing to the song ‘Lipwa Se Nathuniya (Honthwa Se Nathuniya)’ by famous singer and actress Akshara Singh. Amrapali Dubey’s fans are very fond of this video.

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Bhojpuri actress (Amarapali Dubey), Bhojpuri actress, while sharing this amazing video, wrote, ‘I wish I wore Nathunia while shooting today.’ Amrapali shared her video with it. Akshara Singh’s reply to his post came and he wrote, ‘Thank you very much, but on a special request we wish that the one with Nathunia should also reel, I know you will kill me.’ In this way Akshara Singh has a very fun reaction.

Bhojpuri actress (Amarapali Dubey) Bhojpuri actress makes a splash whenever Dinesh Lal Yadav comes on screen with Nirahua. Nirhua and Amrapali Dubey have many superhit songs and both rule Youtuah. But the reel videos of Amrapali Dubey are no less famous, and they also have tremendous fan following.

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