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Ankita Lokhande was seen sitting in the lap of boyfriend Vicky Jain, shared old pictures of Goa vacation


Actress Ankita Lokhande recalls her Goa vacation with her family members, friends and boyfriend Vicky Jain. He has shared throwback pictures on social media during the last years of vacation. Your eyes will be on the picture of Vicky Jain of Ankita Lokhande.

Ankita Lokhande has shared some throwback pictures on her Instagram account on Thursday. She is seen opposite family members, friends and boyfriend Vicky Jain. With this post, Ankita Lokhande wrote, ‘Are we interested in going to Goa once again? Raise your hands. ‘

Ankita Lokhande recently celebrated her birthday with family members, friends and boyfriend Vicky Jain. He also shared celebrations photos and videos on social media. Please tell that Ankita Lokhande was trolled by Sushant Singh Rajput fans when he had a birthday party with Sandeep Singh.

On being trolled about the birthday part, Ankita Lokhande shared a post, wrote, ‘I and my heart are fighting many issues, but one thing has never been in us, that is hate. If you have hateful thoughts inside you, it also spoils your soul. ‘

Ankita Lokhande wrote in another post, ‘I am going to remain stable. If people have negative thoughts about me, then I know that this is their opinion. It is based on their values ​​and depends on their present mood. His opinion also tells his reality, not mine. I know what I am, so always remain stable. ‘


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