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Another trouble on Kangana: the grandmother of Punjab whom Kangana had told available for Rs 100, now she filed a defamation case against the actress

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Allegations of defamation have been filed against Kangana Ranot, who was already involved in several legal complications. The complaint has been lodged by 73-year-old grandmother Mohinder Kaur, whom Kangna had described as Shaheen Bagh’s illicit husband during the peasant movement. On Friday, Mohinder Kaur’s lawyer Raghbir Singh said that a complaint has been filed against Kangana under sections 499 (defamation) and 500 (defamation sentence) of the IPC. The court will hear this on January 11.

‘Due to comments, mental stress has to be faced’

In her complaint, Mohinder Kaur has said that the actress has wrongly accused her in her tweet by comparing him to another woman, saying that it was the same grandmother who was involved in the protests of Shaheen Bagh. Kaur has written in the complaint that by using such comments, the actress has damaged her reputation and reputation.

The grandmother claims that she has suffered mental stress, pain, harassment, humiliation, loss of reputation and defamation in the eyes of her family members, relatives, neighbors, villagers and the general public due to false and scandalous tweets. Despite this, Kangana did not even bother to apologize unconditionally.

What did Kangana write in her post?

In the midst of the peasant movement, Kangana shared a post related to Mohinder Kaur, writing, “Hahaha she is the same grandmother who was described as the most powerful Indian on the cover of Time magazine. She is available for Rs 100. Pakistani journalists from India Has embarrassingly hijacked international PR. We need our own people to speak at the international level. ” Kangna, without naming Mohinder Kaur, described Bilkis Bano in Shaheen Bagh as opposed to CAA and NRC. However, when he was trolled, he deleted his post.

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Mohinder Kaur reprimanded

After Kangana’s post went viral, Mohinder Kaur had said in a conversation with a news channel, “Kangna, do you know what farming is? She is Kamali (crazy). Everything she said is a shame. What Kangana Know what the farmer earns. When the sweat is flowing, the blood is hot, then money comes somewhere. It is very difficult to earn money from the farmer. Kangana has given me a very bad reputation. “

Mohinder Kaur further said in this interview that the work in their fields does not end, so why would she go to join the protest for 100 rupees? According to him, everything Kangana has said is wrong. He taught Kangana the lesson of Gurbani and instructed that one should never speak wrong for anyone.


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