Ants also become isolated when they are sick, unique revelations in research

बीमार चींटी खुद को आइसोलेट कर लेती है- सांकेतिक फोटो (pixabay)

Along with Corona, what is constantly being heard, is social distancing. Even now, the scientists who are struggling with the mysteries of this epidemic, have agreed in one note that it is better to keep distance on seeing symptoms of corona so that the infection does not spread. You will be surprised to know that this concept of social distancing is found not only in humans who have the highest IQ, but also in moderately considered ants.

How research was done
The research team of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland conducted a research on the ants of the species Lasius niger, the results of which are a direct example of social distancing. For this, he chose the colony of ants, also known as the colony, where a large number of ants lived. About 22 hundred ants were in these settlements. An infrared camera was installed here so that every activity could be monitored.


The research team did a research on the ants of the species Lasius niger – indicative photo (pixabay)

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After this, about 10 percent of the ants were exposed to Metarhizium brunneum i.e. a fungus that works to spread disease in ants. Researchers gave them a low dose of this fungus so that they do not die but their ability to work is reduced. By the way, ants usually die from this fungal infection within one to two days.

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Sick ants separated
According to Sylvia Kramer, chief researcher at the Austrian Institute of Science and Technology, the behavior of ants changed after exposure to fungus. Sick ants started staying away from their mates so that their illness would not be passed on to others. Sick ants started living together and became completely isolated from the main party.

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Sick ants, especially the infant and queen, started living separately from the ants so that their lives were not endangered. In the process of doing this, the patient ants either stop work or minimize it, so that they can stay away from the team. This is a process similar to the sick-leave of us.

ant social distancing

Sick ants started to stay away from their mates so that their disease would not be seen by others – symbolic photo (pixabay)

Understanding of antibodies
Research has found that ants that collect outside food are often exposed to pathogens and become ill. In such a situation, she isolates herself from the rest of the group. In a way it acts like a vaccination. Again, when exposed to the same pathogen, the immune system in ants works rapidly and the pathogen remains neutral on them.

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Humans need to learn
After seeing this unique behavior of ants, researcher Natalie Stromit says that we need to adopt ants’ behavior to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. At the same time, it is necessary to see that the other ants do not leave the sick ant in isolation, but rather fulfill all their needs and also share their responsibility among themselves.


Ants have two stomachs. If they eat the food gathered in one stomach, then they take the food of the other stomach for their companions – symbolic photo (pixabay)

What is the rationale for research on ants
From here also one needs to understand why the ants are being researched, while their structure is different from humans. Actually, ants are being given special attention, because it is believed that they have ‘superhuman power’. She can lift almost 50 times more than her weight. At the same time, the Asian Weber ant lifts a hundred times its weight. Despite having no ear, this little creature listens to the signal of fellow ants through vibration.

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The most interesting fact is that ants have two stomachs. If they eat the food gathered in one stomach, then they take the food of the other stomach for the companions. This process is called trophallaxis. Each ant is given different work according to its age and ability. Like new-born ants take care of the baby ants, then the older ants bring food. They communicate among themselves even without language, which has been named ‘Internet’ in the language of science. This connection is made through a particular hormone and works in mutual coordination.


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