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Ashmita Bakshi revealed on intimate scene with Annu Kapoor in ‘Pourshapur’ – hot wax was poured on her back


Ekta Kapoor’s Hall of Webseries ‘Pourshapur’ launched in the headlines. It is the story of a 16th century kingdom, whose king (Annu Kapoor) is a sex addict. Actress Ashmita Bakshi played the role of Rani Umangalata in the series. He has an intimate scene with Annu Kapoor. During an interview, he talked about his experience in the film and the family’s reaction.

Annu Kapoor made the scene comfortable
The sex scene of Ashmita and Annu Kapoor is already an episode and it has a lot of discussion. He talked about this in a conversation with Spotboye. Ashmita told that it was not the sex scene but the entire lovemaking scene with Annu Kapoor. It was the first night of Queen Umangalata with King Bhadra Pratap Singh. He told that Annu Kapoor took care that Ashmita should not be unconfirmed in the scene.

Real wax cast on the back, not artificial
Ashmita also spoke on the most difficult part of this scene. He told that the scene where hot melting wax is put on his back was quite difficult. It was really hot melted wax and nothing artificial. Ashmita said that she had not worn anything and was covered with silicone sheets which slightly reduced the impact.

Was hesitant about father’s reaction
On what was the reaction of his family on the series, he told, “My family liked it a lot when I saw the trailer.” Ashmita says, I was a bit dumb about my father’s reaction but he said that I look very good and he is waiting to see the series. He said that I have absolutely no hesitation in doing different roles.

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