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ATS action in Rohingya case: Abdul Mannan, technical assistant in Nagar Panchayat arrested, accused of making fake passport

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Uttar Pradesh’s Terrorism Violent Squad (ATS) has made another arrest in the Rohingya case. Abdul Mannan, posted as Technical Assistant in Nagar Panchayat of Khalilabad area of ​​Santkbir Nagar, has been arrested. Mannan is accused of helping to create fake passports. Earlier, on 6 January, Azizul Haque, a resident of Myanmar, who had been living for 20 years, was arrested. Azizul Haq told the ATS inquiry that Abdul Mannan had helped in getting his passport. After which the UP ATS has arrested.

Abdul Mannan helped in making Azizul Haq’s documents
ATS Chief GK Goswami said that Abdul Mannan had helped in making fake documents of Azizul Haq. From getting his passport to getting other documents made, Abdul Mannan got the documents prepared for the code.

Azizulhaq admitted all these things during the questioning by the ATS team. In a long interrogation of Azizulhaq, he has named several people in which Abdul Mannan’s role is found to be suspicious, after which Abdul Mannan was acted upon.

Originally resident of Myanmar country, arrested on January 6, Azizul Haque was living here illegally for the past 20 years. During investigation, fake documents were recovered from him.


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