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Badaun gang rape case: Former IAS Surya Pratap Singh, who was going to meet the victim’s family, the police placed under house arrest

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Retired IAS Surya Pratap Singh was detained by the police late at night to arrest the victim family in the Badaun gang rape case and put under house arrest. He tweeted to CM Yogi and said, release me CM Yogi. After being under house arrest by the police, he targeted the state government through a tweet. At the same time, CO Sadar has confirmed the detention.

The murder incident after the gang rape in Badaun shook the entire nation. Politics became hot, attempts were made to surround the government. Retired IAS Surya Pratap Singh Badaun was going to meet the victim’s family at around 11 pm on Wednesday. Like when he entered the district Shahjahanpur, the police got a clue. Rosa police station detained them and put them under house arrest. He then targeted CM Yogi by tweeting it.

It is not a crime to meet the victim’s family
Singh tweeted to CM Yogi that, release me CM Yogi ji, I have not done any illegal work, meeting the victim family, expressing condolences in this country will be called a crime? Why do you want to kill democracy by abusing the police. I request you to let me go to Badaun with this captivity.

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He has taken in another tweet that, he wants to share the pain of the victim family by going to Badaun. Shahjahanpur police have kept me in a guest house under arrest, I am safe and currently in government prison. He further wrote that, how will law and order be disturbed by my going alone? This is the killing of democracy. On the other hand, CO Sadar Mahendra Bahadur Singh said that, he has been kept under arrest in Roja Mandi, although he has refused to speak much.

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