Bae Suzy’s Most Stylish On-Screen and Off-Screen Looks

Bae Suzy's Most Stylish On-Screen and Off-Screen Looks

Unlike her fellow hallyu stars Son Ye-jin, Seo Ye-ji, Jun Ji-hyun, and IU, who have all played uber-stylish characters dressed to the nines in recent dramas, Bae Suzy, 26, has opted for more grounded roles.

In her upcoming film Wonderland, will she be glitzy or down-to-earth? It’s a sci-fi fantasy film starring Park Bo-gum and Choi Woo-shik about a virtual world called Wonderland, where artificial intelligence allows you to encounter people you never thought you’d see again. Maybe she’ll be a sexy AI robot, or maybe she’ll just be a normal person desperate to reunite with a loved one? When the film is released later this year, we’ll know.
Meanwhile, we’re following Bae Suzy on Instagram and getting fashion inspiration from her posts. View our gallery of her most trendy on-screen and off-screen looks.

Let’s have a look on her latest photos

Skuukzky / instagram
Skuukzky / instagram
Skuukzky / instagram

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