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Be careful if increasing heartbeat, may be signs of corona

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Everyday new information is coming out about Corona Virus. In a recent update, it is claimed that the relationship of increasing heartbeat Corona virus Is from The study says that if you are seeing unusual changes in your heartbeat rate, then it may be a sign of corona virus. Currently, experts worldwide are constantly researching the corona virus.

Kovid-19 Simptums Study App did a study. When the data included in this study were studied, it was found that heartbeat can also be a way of identifying Kovid-19. It has been claimed in the study that the detection of corona virus by a person can be detected at the speed of beats. According to the report, rising beats also point towards the corona.

How to check for yourself
According to media reports, if you want to detect the corona virus through the beat speed, then first 5 minutes will have to rest. After this, you have to see your pulse with the thumb of your hand. For this, you can use the wind pipe near the neck and the wrist. The special thing is that there is also a formula to measure it. When you have checked the pulses, count the heart beat for 30 seconds. Then multiply the number obtained by 2. Whatever the result will be, it will be your heart beat rate. Keep in mind that if their number is more than 100, then it is a matter of concern.

Statistics of the website of Covid 19 India show that at present there are 1 crore 4 lakh 14 thousand 44 cases of corona virus. Out of which 1 lakh 50 thousand 606 patients have died. At present, the number of active cases in the country is 2 lakh 22 thousand 416. 1 crore 36 thousand 722 patients have returned home after getting healthy.

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At the same time, 8 crore 85 lakh 28 thousand 33 people have fallen prey to Kovid-19 in the whole world. At the same time, 19 lakh 7 thousand 73 patients have lost their lives. America is more affected by this epidemic than any other country. 2 crore 21 lakh 32 thousand 045 patients have been exposed here. Whereas, the figure of deaths is 3 lakh 74 thousand 124.

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