Best Twitter Apps For Android

Best Twitter Apps For Android
Best Twitter Apps For Android

Twitter certainly is one of the most popular online social networking sites, especially if you want to talk about a topic. Twitter is one of the biggest social media sites with about 330 million monthly active users. The only problem I have is the official application of Twitter. You can miss a lot of features if you use the official Twitter program. Although the official app is no slouch, there are no customization options and professional features. Fortunately several successful Twitter third-party clients have brought new functionality, adaptation and higher efficiency to Android and iPhones.

Best Twitter Apps For Android

1. Albatross for Twitter

Albatross is one of the newer Twitter third-party apps for Twitter. It includes several of the appropriate features, including a fully chronological experience and thematic. Other features include list support, notification sorting and support of all Twitter media formats. This is, finally, one of the few decent tweet scheduling choices for users. In any case, this one was a little rough, but recent patches seem to be a decent way to fix problems.

2. Twitter Lite

If you’re an Android user and aren’t satisfied with the performance of the official Twitter app, then you can check out the Twitter Lite app as it’s one of the best and feature-rich alternatives for it. Twitter Lite renders you the same UI, with the option to switch to the night mode, along with all of the key features such as bookmarks, Moments, and more in a compact and lightweight package.

3. Fenix (or Fenix 2 on Android)

It sports a swipe-based navigation UI, multiple themes, chronological timeline (if you’ve not received the official update yet), and the ability to customize your experience as per your needs. You can even find trends, bookmarks, multi-account support, and additional features such as muting, multiple drafts, clickable timeline links, image & video previews on the timeline, an internal browser with Readability support, and more.

4. Friendly For Twitter

Friendly For Twitter is one of the newer Twitter apps on the list. We already quite like this developer’s Friendly For Facebook app so we were happy to see a Twitter version as well. The app lets you log into Twitter and scroll the old timeline just like any other Twitter app. There are a variety of tools as well. Some of the additional features include the ability to download Twitter videos, GIFs, and images if you want that. The pro version has a variety of customization options as well.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the Twitter apps that tracks many social networks simultaneously. This allows you to track your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and many other accounts from a single central hub. At first it’s a little complicated, but when you find your way, it is a little breeze to use. If you are told about you (or a specific hashtag), you can post on multi networks at once; get Facebook and Twitter notifications; and there is so much more. The full list of features requires a subscription. However, it will only be appropriate for corporations and similar entities.

6. Owly

Owly is one of the more intriguing apps on this list. Instead of simply offering oodles of personalization options, Owly takes a different approach. The app focuses on letting you stay up to date with trends and updates you’re interested in. You can build a Reading list so that Owly highlights tweets from those accounts on your feed and even select topics you’d like to follow.

7. Tweetbot 5

8. Talon

Talon is similar to Fenix but its primary highlight is its discovery tab. The section enables you to browse tweets based on a vast number of filters, such as local and nearby, and categories like food and music.

In addition, the app has all the standard features available on third-party Twitter clients, including themes and a highly customizable interface. There’s even a native YouTube player so you don’t have to leave the app to watch embedded videos. Speaking of which, you should also know how to save videos from Twitter.

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