Bhagyashree turned 52: Bhagyashree got more fees than Salman Khan in ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’, after flop films she went against the wishes of the family and got married

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  • In ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’, Bhagyashree Got More Fees Than Salman Khan, After The Flop Films, She Got Married Against The Wishes Of The Family.

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Actress Bhagyashree, who debuted with Salman Khan in the film Maine Pyaar Kiya, has turned 52 years old. Apart from films, Bhagyashree also appeared in TV shows, was born on 23 February 1969 at Sangli’s Raja Vijay Singh Rao Madhavan Rao Patwardhan.

Wedding after flop films

In 1989, Bhagyashree made a successful debut with Rajshri Production’s film Maine Pyaar Kiya. Interestingly, he received a fee of Rs 1 lakh for this film, while Salman Khan was given only Rs 30,000. After this film he acted in films like Tyagi (1992), Payal (1992), Ghar Aya Mera Pardesi (1993), which proved to be a flop.

Married at age 19

At the age of just 19, Bhagyashree married her childhood friend Himalaya Dasani. Bhagyashree met Himalaya for the first time when she was studying in school. Her parents protested, but she did not agree. Bhagyashree married Himalayas in the temple in the presence of parents, Salman Khan and some close friends.

She was separated from her husband for one and a half years

Bhagyashree had shared a video on social media last year that her husband Himalaya had been estranged from Dasani for nearly a year and a half. According to them, both of them were patched up later, but even today they are scared to remember that period.

Bhagyashree said, “Yes, Himalaya was my first love and I married him. But there was a time when we were separated. Then I realized that if he had not come in life and I would have someone else What would have happened if I got married? Then I realized my relationship was special because it was a period when we were not together for a year and a half. That feeling is still missing then I am scared. ” Both have two children, son Abhimanyu and daughter Avantika.

Kissing scene was not given in the film

Bhagyashree was from a conservative family, so she refused to do any kissing scene in her first film Maine Pyaar Kiya. Bhagyashree’s father only allowed him to wear churidar. She wore jeans and a one piece dress for the first time for the film. During an interview in 2015, Salman had told that after Bhagyashree refused, in which scene Sooraj gave the idea of ​​bringing a glass wall between the two. Sooraj went to her house several times to convince Bhagyashree for the film.


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