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Bhaskar Exclusive: Abhishek Bachchan raised 12 forts for ‘Bob Biswas’, Sujoy Ghosh’s most expensive film shot at 42 locations in Kolkata


Abhishek Bachchan has recently completed shooting for his upcoming film Bob Biswas. The production team on the set told Dainik Bhaskar that Abhishek had gained 12 kg for the role. Took training from Director Sujoy Ghosh for Bengali Accent. Also shot at 42 locations of his maternal grandfather Kolkata. He worked extra hard to bring life to the character. That is because in the film ‘Kahaani’, it was very popular by Bengali actor Shashwat Chatterjee.

Bob Biswas’s tragedy to be shown

Sources further revealed that Bob Biswas’s tragedy of life will also be shown in the film. The film is in present day. Abhishek Bachchan did not resort to prosthetic for increased weight. He put on as much weight as possible. The tone of the film is kept completely serious. It has neither re-created songs nor original. One can hear many lines of songs from Bengali folk in the background. “

Sujoy Ghosh’s most expensive film

It is Sujoy’s most expensive film. About 80 crores have been spent on this, due to this expenditure Sujoy has to cut cost in another film ‘Blind’ under his banner. It is being shot in Glasgow. There is only one team member from India as a crew member. The rest of the technical team is hired there.

Showed Kolkata in a new way

Sujoy Ghosh keeps the city as a character intentionally in his films. Like ‘Glorygow’ was shown beautifully in ‘Badla’. Here, Sujoy Ghosh has explored 42 locations of Kolkata to show it in a new way. The rake of locales continued for six months.

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Many locations will be seen with Howrah

This time Kolkata’s Howrah Bridge has been shown a few times. Along with this, Bagh Bazar, Shobha Bazaar, BK Pal, South Kolkata, Tollygunge, EM Bypass, Comment Park, Dakshineswar Temple, Alam Bazaar have also explored North and East Kolkata. Sealdah and Bada Bazaar areas will be seen in the film. Abhishek used to play cricket till the lighting was set on the set.

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