Bhaskar Interview: Shekhar Suman said on the news of the death of son study- I am still shivering just by thinking about it

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2 days agoAuthor: Umesh Kumar Upadhyay

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Shekhar Suman is going to take legal action on the false news of son study Suman’s suicide. They will meet with the lawyer and take legal action. Shekhar is unhappy about this news on one side and angry on the other side. While talking to Dainik Bhaskar, he kept his heart in mind.

Cannot play with one’s life Journalism has fallen down to such an extent that people do not even care about anyone’s life for TRP. They do not even think how such news can have an impact on their parents and family. This type of shocking news can also kill someone. They don’t even care about that. Let’s take the point of the point. If something like this was heard, then first of all the family members should call if there is truth in it or not. In today’s age, such news and rumors keep flying. You can’t play with someone’s life like this. It is not a trivial matter that the film is signed or exited, it is not a girlfriend. Here you have killed someone. The kind of toxic environment has become. The kind of news that is coming every day. It happened to Sushant Singh Rajput, it can happen to anyone. No one knows which child is in which pressure.

You destroyed, now we will do the buildup
Can not ignore this thing. When I got this news, the study was in Delhi. His phone was switched off. You can understand what happened to Kya until he was spoken to. People started getting calls, there was chaos. While Zee News is a responsible news channel. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also said that fake news will not be tolerated. This can affect one’s life. Then I tweeted everyone and also tagged PMO. Right now I am also going to write an open letter to the NBA. See, the claim of defamation will continue, the legal processors will also continue to run, but the damage you have done will lead to even greater loss. Suppose there was an accident or someone’s health deteriorated, then who would have suffered. Saying your empty Sorry does not work. Somewhere, do journalism with a responsibility, do not act shamefully in this way.

I would like to say that media houses should learn one from it. You can go to any extent to sell a news item. An apology does not run after that. Now saying that we are ready to do anything, we made a mistake. You are convincing the world that we will build up the study. Hey! No buildup required. If you destroyed them, we no longer need the buildup. He will do his buildup himself. Today, after the Ashram web series, that boy has stood on his feet that he has signed some 10 webseries and three-four films.

They will be claimed for defamation
The study was also shocked. He is so active on social media, he would go there and check. It is very condemnable, embarrassing and painful as well. They have to pay compensation for the damage done mentally. Accountability is created. At least go to the NBA and answer why they did it. Getting out of the thin lane in this way will not do at all. Someone heard and ignored it, it will not happen. They should be punished. Action should be taken against them. Now the lawyers will decide. They will be given notice as to why they did so. Answer this They will be claimed for defamation. Now the lawyers will give the advice. But taking an action is important. If left, then how many people’s lives will be destroyed. We have lost a son, he is still suffering. I worship it This should not happen further, this kind of journalism will make society hollow. This disease is increasing, it is necessary to stop it. If you had already heard, then call me. Would have put the message. I would have told you Would have denied

When the son’s voice was heard, he breathed
After the study call, it seemed that the dying got oxygen. We breathed a sigh of relief. Today, any member of the family goes out on the train, holding the plane, until it reaches the destination, there is a heartbeat. Today’s atmosphere was not right. During that time, the phone messages of my relatives started. What happens is that such reports reach from ear to ear and become toxic. She takes another form. You can understand what panic we went through. When the son’s voice was heard, then he breathed in breath. He too got news from elsewhere. He too got nervous after listening. He felt that there was no conspiracy to spoil my career. Standing on your feet again, what could be the reason for this. Who is doing this? How can you print like this? During the period that we went through, it seemed that in one and a half hours we had a hundred deaths. In today’s era, if you do not have a phone, then you can understand how much more trouble is there. Then you start thinking anonymously.

During this time, calls from sisters from America and relatives from Patna started coming. People started saying – what are we hearing. All we said is, be patient, we are trying to find out the truth. It should not happen, it cannot happen, etc., explained it to the people. Everyone was very angry on finding out the truth. He said that these people should not leave. Teach them a lesson. We were so nervous. Then how much you must have been upset, we can understand what must have happened to you. It made me sit in great trouble.

Don’t kill me i’m alive
The study also said that it is wrong for TRPs to sensationalize the news. By God’s mercy I am standing on my feet. I have got my land, then do not pull my land. Don’t kill me i’m alive How can you do such a shameful act? He was also sad and angry. Well, recovering from such news, we have come out. God forbid not to do this with one’s siblings and sons.

Mother started crying
The study’s mother immediately started crying and crying. Understand how weak the mother’s heart is. When they start screaming, you can neither handle them nor tell them anything. I explained to him a lot, he was very proud that nothing like this has happened. Now his phone will come. When I got the call, I also came to know about his life. Thinking this, I am still going to simmering. How did you do this? Son said to mother- Mom! There is nothing to worry. I’m all right Let these people go. We will take action on these later. Now you have to be relaxed. I am coming back Now what happened is not ours. I will take their news well, be relaxed. After explaining a lot, she understood. But still on two-two minutes she raises the matter of how they should be punished. How did he speak about my son? The normal reaction of a mother was also theirs. Any mother will be shocked to hear such news. However, studies arrived from Delhi yesterday.

I will meet the lawyer and discuss
I will meet the lawyer this evening. I will sit down with them and discuss what and how to do it. Taking action is important. They are very apologetic. Were saying that you delete the tweet. Do not take legal action, we are ready to do anything. But we said – no, we are not going to listen. Their owners, they are hiding. They are sending such a simple representative, who is saying that we used to live in the building where you used to live earlier. We are like family. Leave it, forget it. All such things. Forget loss of someone, what is so easy? Cut someone’s throat and forget it. Mistake made, forgive. This is a very wrong thing.

Right now, we are not going to let it go. If there was a small thing, then you would forget. But have played with life, then definitely will take action. As it said, it could have resulted in anything. I strongly condemn this. I appeal that before printing such news, please confirm it.


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