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BJP has doubled MSP rate compared to Congress, 6 years have been beneficial for farmers

New Delhi. Three new agricultural laws have been introduced by the government. The resentment of farmers has continued since the introduction of the three laws. Farmers have been protesting on the borders of Delhi for more than three weeks. These demonstrations against the central government have also got full support from the opposition political parties. Many leaders, including former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, remain active about the peasant movement. It is worth noting that the Congress, which was demonstrating with the farmers today, did not provide special benefit to the farmers through MSP between 2004 and 2013. Whereas, the MSP has gained momentum in the BJP government.

However, since the introduction of these three laws, the discussions about the Minimum Supprt Price i.e. the MSP have intensified. Farmers say that the MSP will suffer after the new laws are implemented. On the other hand, the government has made it clear that the MSP will not be affected in any way. In a conversation with the farmers of Madhya Pradesh on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) has made it clear that the MSP will neither end nor end.

This is how the mathematics of MSP in NDA and UPA government
Compared to the CAGR (CAGR) compound annual growth rate, the annual average growth of MSP on all crops from the year 2004-05 to 2013-14 was 9 percent. At the same time, the WPI used to detect inflation was 8 percent on WPI grains. From this perspective, the average factor between the MSP and WPI was 1.09 per cent. PM Modi’s government took power in 2014. The term of PM Modi i.e. from year 2014-15 to 2020-21, the MSP on all crops has increased by an average of 8 percent every year. During this period, the grain on the wholesale price index was just 4 percent. At the same time, the figure of inflation in the Congress government was double the 8 percent.

The earnings of farmers have increased in the last 6 years

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Based on these calculations, it is known that during the time of the Congress government, the MSP in the country has been almost around inflation. At the same time, the MSP in terms of foodgrains on the wholesale price index has doubled in the six years of the Bharatiya Janata Party. From 2004 to 2013, farmers have earned more profits during PM Modi’s tenure than about 10 years.

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