‘Black fungus medicines bring India wherever they are in the world’, PM Modi directs officials

'Black fungus medicines bring India wherever they are in the world', PM Modi directs officials

PM Modi is constantly meeting with officials in connection with the black fungus. (File photo)

New Delhi:

Coronavirus Have now taken the form of an epidemic in India Black Fungus Or the government has gathered on a war footing to deal with mucoramycosis. To treat this, doctors use an injection called liposomal amphotericin B. To promote the production of this drug, the Government of India has given license to five more companies to manufacture it.

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According to government sources, PM Modi is constantly meeting with officials in this regard. He has instructed the officials that this drug should be brought to India immediately in any corner of the world. After his instructions, the Indian embassies spread all over the world have started sending this medicine available in their respective countries to India. Efforts are being made in this direction. For this, the company named Corrid Sciences of America has received help.

The total number of Black Fungus cases in the country were 11,717, know how many patients in which state

According to government sources, Corridor Sciences is accelerating the process of sending Ambisom to India through pharmaceutical company Mylan. So far 121,000 vials or vials have been sent to India. 85,000 vials are expected to arrive soon.

Corrid Sciences has set a target of sending one million doses of Ambisom to India through Mylan. The company has also said that the stock of this medicine available in other countries of the world is being removed and it will be sent to India.


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