‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ actress helped the needy with wedding money, said- people were struggling with corona and hunger …

'Broken But Beautiful 3' actress helped the needy with wedding money, said- people were struggling with corona and hunger ...

Broken But Beautiful BrokenButBeautiful3 actress Saloni Khanna

Special things

  • Help for the needy with marriage money
  • Broken But Beautiful 3 ‘released on 29 May 2021
  • Sunflower will be seen with Sunil Grover

New Delhi:

Broken But Beautiful 3 Regarding fans, you get to see different craze. After watching the first and second episodes of this series, the expectation of fans is increasing further. In season 3, Siddharth Shukla is seen with Sonia Rathi in the lead role, but there is another such character who has tied every character in this entire season. Myra, who is seen in the brilliant dialogues and tremendous style in the character of Sonia Rathi (Rumi) ‘s younger sister, that is, Saloni Khanna will be seen playing an important role throughout this season.

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During a special conversation with NDTV, when we asked Saloni Khanna about her character Myra, she said, ‘Myra is a very beautiful character. She is an open minded and confident girl. I am taking inspiration from this character myself. The web series Broken But Beautiful shows the love of two sisters and a strong bonding. During the shoot we did not realize that we are not flowing. The love of both of us grew every day.

This is Saloni Khanna’s character of Myra, but tell me that the more spectacular her film journey is, the more interesting she is to come in this industry. He told, ‘He had no idea of ​​this field. I did engineering. After which he got a modeling offer. This one step changed a lot. When I became an actress from a model, I started coming in front of the camera and I got to know the love of many people, but this journey was not easy.

Let me tell you that Saloni is as happy and open minded as she is in her characters. Remind that Saloni Khanna is recently married to Viraf Patel and this marriage has proved to be an inspiration for everyone as every girl dreams of getting married to her pomp, but Saloni did not do it in her marriage Talking about it, she says that “it was hard to imagine that in this difficult time where people were struggling with corona and hunger, we got married with pomp and show. I and Viraf advised the court marriage and the wedding attendants Decided to pay the expenses to those who needed it. ”

Saloni goes on to balance her personal and professional life. He did not allow any of his problems to come in the way of work. Let me tell you that after ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’, she is going to be seen in her next web series ‘Sunflower’ with famous comedian Sunil Grover. It is a comedy thriller series. Saloni says, “This series will always be memorable for him. Working with Sunil Grover means to make any work easier. The experience of working with him has been great. It cannot be forgotten because the set with him But there was always an atmosphere of laughter and fun.

As of now, ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’, starring Siddharth Shukla and Sonia Rathi, ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ is about the broken love story of Agastya and Rumi. Produced by Sarita A. Tanwar and Neeraj Kothari and directed by Priyanka Ghosh, the web series ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ starring Siddharth Shukla and Sonia Rathi will be available for streaming on 29 May 2021 on Alt Balaji. Saloni Khanna will also be seen in an important role in this series.


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