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Chandan Prabhakar started to look at Kapil Sharma, the comedy king said – he rehearses a lot … See Video


The King of Comedy Kapil Sharma is very active on social media these days. Not only has he won the hearts of people with his show, he also often makes headlines with his style. Kapil Sharma recently shared a vlog on his YouTube channel, in which he showed how he practiced together before the start of the show. In this video of Kapil Sharma, it is seen that as he enters the show The Kapil Sharma, his friend Chandan Prabhakar starts saluting him. Seeing them, Kapil Sharma said that these people practice a lot.

This blog of Kapil Sharma has been seen more than five lakh times so far. Also, the fans are commenting fiercely on this. Kapil Sharma’s simplicity style is very much liked by the fans in the video. It is seen in the video that as soon as Kapil Sharma’s car enters the set, Chandan Prabhakar, who is rehearsing, starts saluting him. Kapil Sharma laughs when he sees them, and later says that these people do a lot of rehearsals. Kapil Sharma also introduced every person associated with The Kapil Sharma Show in his blog.

Kapil Sharma showed in his vlog how he is ready for every character. In his video, he showed a room and said that here we make the guest wait, because if taken directly on the stage, then they do not boast. In the video, Kapil Sharma told that he has to work hard for the role of Sidhu. The actor said that for this character, gum has to be applied all over the face, which causes a lot of irritation on the face as well. Kapil Sharma told in the video that even shooting a 25-minute episode takes about seven to eight hours.

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