Chandra Grahan 2021: First lunar eclipse of the year today, watch live here

You can watch the lunar eclipse live here-

What time will the lunar eclipse take place in India?
According to Indian time, the lunar eclipse has started at 2:17 pm this afternoon and will end by 7:19 pm.

Where will the lunar eclipse be seen?
Lunar eclipse 2021 will be seen in North / South America, Northern Europe, East Asia, Australia, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica and Pacific Ocean regions. Although the lunar eclipse in India will look like a shadow.

How many types of lunar eclipses are there?
There are three types of lunar eclipses
– Full lunar eclipse
– Partial lunar eclipse
– Shadow Lunar Eclipse

Will there be a sutak period in lunar eclipse today?
This time the lunar eclipse in India will look like a shadow. Due to this, the Sutak period will not be valid, that is why in this lunar eclipse, the doors of the temples of the country will not be closed and the auspicious works will not be stopped.

What are shadow eclipses?
In addition to a full and partial eclipse, there is also an eclipse eclipse. When the moon does not come in the real shadow of the earth and exits from its shadow, such an eclipse is called a shadow eclipse. The shadow eclipse is not considered an actual lunar eclipse. There is no change in the color and shape of the moon in this eclipse. However, there is a misty shadow on the moon in it.

Let me tell you that whenever any lunar eclipse starts, the moon enters the shadow of the earth before the eclipse, due to which its image becomes somewhat dim and the effect of the moon is washed away. Which is called the penitentiary. On this day, the Moon will not enter the actual orbit of the Earth, so it will not be called an eclipse.

What is an actual lunar eclipse?
When the Earth comes completely between the Moon and the Sun and prevents the sunlight from reaching the Moon, it is called the actual lunar eclipse. In this situation the surface of the moon becomes completely red.

How does eclipse feel?
This is an astronomical event. During this time the earth comes between the moon and the sun and the sunlight does not fall on the moon. In such a situation, the shadow of the earth falls on the moon. If people want to see the lunar eclipse, they can see with naked eyes but seeing the solar eclipse with naked eyes can cause harm.

What is a blood moon?
A full lunar eclipse is often called a blood moon due to the red and orange appearance of the moon during the eclipse. A blood moon appears when the moon hides in the shadow of the earth and a red light appears in the sky. At the same time, the word supermoon means that the moon is seen larger than normal.


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