Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci light up the end-of-life drama in ‘Supernova’

Firth’s Sam and Tucci’s Tusker have been collectively for many years, and they’re launched on a cross-country trek in a beat-up previous camper. It’s what quantities to a final hurrah, with Tusker having pushed his companion to carry out a piano recital, stopping to see household alongside the method.

Both are keenly conscious that the hourglass is operating out on the life they’ve identified. Tusker’s situation is progressively worsening, with occasional moments the place he wanders off or struggles to articulate ideas. He’s largely high-quality now, however his inevitable deterioration — and the unwelcome prospect of “becoming a passenger” in his personal physique, as he says — looms like a shadow over them.

As for Sam, the journey is dogged by the incontrovertible fact that he’ll quickly be a full-time caretaker, a job to which he has dedicated himself that nonetheless scares him. “You’re not supposed to mourn someone while they’re still here,” Tusker observes, summing up Sam’s uncomfortable plight.

Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth in 'Supernova.'

“Supernova” is not an ideal title for a film like this — it is a artful play off the pair’s curiosity in stargazing — though it is oddly acceptable, since the two stars maintain issues watchable even when there’s nothing a lot taking place, which is most of the time. In that regard, the movie joins a protracted roster of end-of-life romances, in this case unfolding in what seems like sluggish movement.

Marking the second writing-directing effort from actor Harry Macqueen, this British manufacturing would not trouble with flashbacks or a lot reminiscing about the couple’s relationship. All that historical past comes in the type of informal exchanges and small gestures that replicate a lifetime collectively, as touchingly conveyed by Firth and Tucci, whose real-life friendship certainly contributes to that shorthand. (The latter will likely be featured in a CNN meals and journey present premiering in February.)

As understated as the film is, the emotion of the scenario comes by loud and clear. While the pacing may need benefited from a number of extra detours or particulars, the viewers has a reasonably good understanding of the place this street started and the place it leads.

“Supernova” is by any measure a modest manufacturing, however it accomplishes what it units out to do: Creating a touching, low-key showcase for its stars, one that enables them to solid a shiny light.

“Supernova” premieres January 29 in choose theaters and February 16 on demand. It’s rated R.

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