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Corona Caller Tune: Troubled by the sound of Amitabh Bachchan’s Corona Caller Tune, the person reached Delhi High Court, petition for removal

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The first case of corona was reported in the country in January 2020. Then from March 2020, there was a nationwide lockdown. Meanwhile, the most talked about corona awareness caller tune used to be heard before every call. Disturbed by the voice of Amitabh, which has been heard as a caller tune since October 2020, demands have been raised to remove it. Hence a petition was filed in the Delhi High Court.

Fan also demanded a few days ago
A fan had even asked Amitabh on social media when the caller tune of Corona would stop? Amitabh had also responded to this and apologized. In response, Amitabh wrote, “Whatever I do for the country, province and society, I do it for free. If you are suffering, I apologize, but this subject is not in my hands.”

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