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Corona postponed Ranbir’s wedding: Ranbir Kapoor told Alia Bhatt for the first time as a girlfriend, said – Had the epidemic come, we would have got married


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24 minutes ago

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If Ranbir Kapoor believed that the corona epidemic would have happened, he would have got married. He made this disclosure in an interview given to journalist Rajiv Masand. According to reports, this is the first time Ranbir has told Alia Bhatt as his girlfriend. He said, “You know my girlfriend is Alia over achiever. She has taken every online class, possibly from guitar to screen writing. I feel unhealthy in front of her.”

Ranbir said this about marriage

Ranbir said, “I think if the epidemic had not attacked our lives it would have been (married). But I don’t want to say it as a misfortune by saying anything. I will achieve this goal of my life soon . “

Remembering Rishi Kapoor became emotional

In the interview, Ranbir became emotional by remembering the last two years spent with his father Rishi Kapoor. He said, “I spent a lot of time with him in the last two years before his death. Going with him from the hotel to the hospital where he was undergoing chemotherapy. Walking quietly and being around him. It’s all very fast, but I have I do not know if I have those words through which I can tell what effect they have had on my life. But I know that they have a great influence on my life. “

‘2020 was a very difficult year’

Ranbir further said that 2020 was a very difficult year for him. He lost his father in this year and is so hurt that he still has not recovered from that shock. They are still struggling with it. Rishi Kapoor died of cancer on 30 April.


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