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Corona Vaccine Myths: Attention! This false rumor is spreading about the corona virus vaccine


New Delhi. Coronavirus infection is spreading continuously. Still millions of people are falling prey to corona. Meanwhile, the good news is that in many countries of the world, the work of applying Corona Vaccine has also started. While the third and fourth phase of vaccine trials are currently underway in some countries. It is also expected in India that the vaccination campaign will start from January. Currently, three companies have applied for emergency approval of vaccine in their country. Different things are being talked about how safe and successful this vaccine is.

Rumors about the Corona vaccine are also being spread around the world. It is a matter of regret that people are also getting caught in the misleading knowledge. Let’s take a look at the answers to some questions related to the vaccine.

  • 1. The corona vaccine is made in a hurry, so is it not safe?

    It is true that it takes up to 8-10 years to prepare any vaccine. But the corona epidemic changed everything. At the same time, so many people around the world started falling prey to this virus that scientists had to work on a war footing. Everything has been expedited. The government of every country is working on the vaccine. Therefore, there is no need to fear about the vaccine. The trial of each vaccine has been done in 30 to 40 thousand people in three to four phases.

  • 2. Will applying the vaccine cause corona?

    It is not that the vaccine will cause you to become corona. It is true that a part of the virus is inserted in the body of people through the vaccine. But it is completely safe. You may have mild side effects after the vaccine. For example, you may have mild fever for a day. You have already taken the vaccine for the second disease. Mild fever is common after taking any vaccine.

  • 3. Will there ever be a corona after taking the vaccine?

    Scientists who have prepared the corona vaccine do not want anyone to fall ill once vaccinated. But for now, it is too early to say if you will not be a victim of Corona till then. After vaccination, the immunity will be ready to fight the corona virus in the body. It is expected that people will be safe for a long time.

  • 4. Are there side effects of vaccine worse than corona?

    Such posts are becoming viral on social media these days that there are a lot of side effects after vaccination. These are completely nonsense things. Mild fever occurs after applying the vaccine. Apart from this, it is common to have some pain at the vaccine site.

  • 5. Does the vaccine contain toxic substances?

    Poisonous things happen in any substance, even water. Formaldehyde and almonium are used in some vaccines. But its quantity is so small that it has no effect on one’s body.

  • 6. If everyone around me has put up a vaccine, do I not need it?

    Applying a vaccine is like wearing a mask. It not only saves you but also your society. So it is better that you get the vaccine

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