Corona’s new strain found in Andhra woman from UK, escaped from isolation center and reached home by train

वैज्ञानिकों का अनुमान है कि कोरोना वायरस का जो नया रूप ब्रिटेन में मिला है, वह पहले से 70% ज्यादा तेजी से फैल सकता है. (AP)


COVID-19 New Variant: A new strain of Coronavirus has also reached India. A new strain of Corona has been found in a woman from Andhra Pradesh who returned from Britain. According to media reports, a 47-year-old woman was born on December 21 Delhi Airport After landing at the isolation center was sent, but she escaped from there. Then reached Rajahmundry at her home by special train. It is being told that the woman was accompanied by her son, whose corona report has come negative. Both are currently housed in the Quarantine Center of the state government.

Scientists predict that Corona virus The new form of which has been found in Britain, it can spread 70% faster than before. It is being told that the woman’s corona test was done after landing in Delhi, which turned out to be positive. Initially, she could not be traced after the report came in, as her phone was unreachable, after much effort, the authorities managed to trace the woman.

Due to caution in the treatment of corona, it may be necessary to change the form of the virus: ICMR

According to the Commissioner of Health and Family Welfare Katmanemi of Andhra Pradesh, at present, there has been no case of anyone getting infected in the state due to the woman. The government is monitoring the situation.

Corona’s new strain found in 7 people in the country so far

So far in India, new strains of corona virus have been found in seven people. They all recently returned from Britain. In these, corona new strains were confirmed in each of the people of UP, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The remaining three patients are from Karnataka. It is being told that a new strain has been confirmed in a girl in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. His family had recently returned from Britain. All these have been kept in single room isolation in the Kovid Center of the state government in the respective states. People exposed to them have also been quarantined.

Tracing of 1423 people who have returned from Britain till now
The government said in a statement that till now 1423 people who have returned from Britain have been traced. 17 people are being searched. 1406 people returned from the UK were tested, 12 of them reported positive. Of the 6364 people who came in contact with all of them, 12 have been infected. All samples have been sent to Hyderabad for genome sequencing.

Central government in alert mode
After the emergence of new strain cases, the central government has come into alert mode. The Ministry of Health said on Tuesday that genome sequencing of international passengers who came to India between 9 to 22 December, found to be asymptomatic or infected, would be mandatory. At the same time, Suspended UK flights may remain closed until 31 December.

COVID-19: Corona’s new strain from London to Meerut, 2-year-old got infection

Two new variants of Corona found in Britain
So far, two more dangerous variants of the corona virus have been found in Britain. Only after the first variant was found, on 21 December, the Government of India banned flights coming from Britain.

New strains of Corona found in these countries

Apart from Britain, cases of this new strain have been reported in India, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Japan, Lebanon, Singapore and Nigeria. On the other hand, a new strain of corona virus has also been found in South Africa. This is different from the new strain in Britain.



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