Coronavirus: 577 children orphaned in just 55 days, read these unique stories to help them

New Delhi: Today we will not tell you about the pain of orphans. Today we will tell about some such social stories that will inspire people. On Tuesday, at 9 pm, Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani tweeted about orphans. He said that according to the information given by the states and union territories, since April 1, 577 children have become orphans in the country.

Union Minister Smriti Irani also said that the central government is committed to the protection of every child whose parents are no longer in this world because of Corona. Know here what the government is doing at its level and what state government has done for the orphans.

5 tips to help orphans:

First Advice for Society

If a child is an orphan in a society, a mohalla or a village, then that society, the RWA, the concerned locality and the village should come forward. The child should be adopted by following the legal process unconditionally.

Second Advice for School

Parents admit their child in a big school with great expectation. For this, they pay a hefty amount in the name of tuition fees. But if the parents of a child died in the Kovid period, does it not become the responsibility of the school to fill the deficiency of the parents of its student. We feel that the school should also waive the fees of the orphaned children.

Third advice for the company

The mother, father or both of a child worked in the company, that is, the company he was associated with at the time of death, it is the moral responsibility of that company not to let that child fall short of money. Give him financial help.

Fourth Advice for Social Organization

If an orphaned child does not get support while you live, his dreams are not fulfilled, he cannot get the right education, right treatment, ration-water and living space, then you are dead as a social organization. Therefore, it is your social responsibility to take care of the facilities of the orphaned children.

Fifth Advice for Government

Be it the Center or the State Government, all governments will have to guarantee every month from the education, health, living and eating arrangements of the orphaned children. Many states have also made announcements for this, but these announcements should not remain as announcements only. These children will have to help as soon as possible to get out of the red tape.

Prajakta’s story has come out from Dhule in Maharashtra. Prajakta studies in class XII and her younger brother studies in class VII. In Dhule, the shadow of the parents has risen from the heads of both the brothers and sisters living near the maternal uncle. Within a month, these children lost their father first and then their mother due to corona.

Prajakta told that both my parents have died due to corona. We have been orphaned. They have a lot of debt. How will we be able to repay? So much request to the government that we need as much help from them as possible.

Please tell that Gokul, the father of Prajakta, had a loan of Rs 13 lakh. The question of how to pay the father’s debt does not allow the Creator to sleep. It is not known when its pleas will affect the government, but social activist Rajendra Chitodar came forward to help them. He collected 12 lakh rupees for these orphans by forming a group through WhatsApp.

Let us know that the Maharashtra government is setting up a task force for orphans. According to government data, 108 children in Maharashtra have lost both parents due to Corona, while 87 children have lost either of the mother or father.

At the same time, in the Crossing Republic Society of Ghaziabad in UP, these two innocent sisters have no left of their own. Within 11 days, grandparents and parents all passed away. The infection struck the family. They do not have any in the world. Only 6-year-old and 8-year-old girls are left. Panchsheel lived with Durgesh Prasad Dhar family in flat number 205 in Tower-2 of Wellington. He was a retired teacher. He first got corona, then wife-son and daughter-in-law. These two sisters still do not know that their father is no more.

An eyewitness told that the elder girl was telling the little girl that our father would be cured in 8-10 days and would go home. Aunt said that it will take some time, then the girl said that you introduce us to them. The pain of the girls is very bad. There has been no initiative from the administration.

People of the society say that they are ready to bear the expenses of these girls for 18 years. But with condition. The only condition is that a family member should live here selflessly. Children who do not even know about the death of their parents, what will they understand about the condition of their society. Well right now these girls are in Bareilly near Bua.

Ghazipur is a district in Uttar Pradesh itself. In Sherpur village here, 4 children of very poor family have been orphaned. Vishal is the eldest of these four siblings. He studies in ninth grade. Vishal told that a year ago the mother died in a bike accident and now the father from Corona. Knocked the doors of many hospitals from Ghazipur to Mau but the father did not get treatment.

To help these four siblings, so far no one has come forward from the panchayat to the district and state level. Hopefully after seeing this news, the local people may come forward for help from the administration because it is our responsibility as a human being and responsible society to support the orphan, hold their finger. Like social worker Arvind Singh did for Sonam of Jaunpur.

Arvind Singh told that we saw the news of Sonam. She belongs to my village. We took the responsibility of writing, living and eating and marrying it. Sonam Jaiswal’s father died 18 years ago. The mother was working hard and teaching the daughter. The mother had also started a shop for her daughter’s education, but after the corona got infected, the mother died and Sonam became orphaned. But Arvind Singh put his hand on its forehead.

We believe that a human being cannot be an orphan while living. And this is possible only when the orphan children are supported. There are some cases where relatives adopted orphans only. In Mandya, Karnataka, the shadow of a parent was snatched from the head of a newborn. The innocent was orphaned just 5 days after her birth.

This little angel is only 16 days old. Its eyes are not opening properly. Is she lovely? After years of waiting and waiting for the parents, this girl was born. But it does not have parents to lift this girl from her chest to lift on her lap. The father died 5 days before the birth of the girl child and the mother died five days after the birth of the girl child. Both were Kovid positive. Information is being received that this girl has been adopted by her maternal uncle. This story is from Mandya district of Karnataka.

What state governments are doing for orphans

Rs 2500 / month (up to 25 years)
Education free

Madhya Pradesh
5000 rupees / month
Free education, free ration

3000 rupees / month (up to 21 years)
5% reservation in government job
Free education, employment training

Himachal Pradesh
Rs 2500 / month (up to 18 years)

Uttar Pradesh
Government will bear all expenses

Government will bear all expenses

Jammu and Kashmir
Scholarship will be given


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