Cyclone Yaas Updates: 10 admissions made in Jharkhand after devastation in Bengal and Odisha

Cyclone Yaas Updates: 10 admissions made in Jharkhand after devastation in Bengal and Odisha

Cyclone Yaas Updates: Cyclone Hurricanes have wreaked havoc in West Bengal and Odisha

New Delhi:
Cyclone Yaas Updates: Heavy rains occurred after cyclone ‘Yas’ hit the eastern coasts of the country on Wednesday. On Wednesday night, ‘Yas’ reached the border of Jharkhand with winds of 75 km per hour and heavy rain. During the cyclone, stormy winds at a speed of 145 kmph damaged many houses, flooded the fields. This cyclone wreaked havoc in Bengal and Odisha. Flood-like conditions have occurred due to continuous rains in most areas. Now troubles are also seen increasing in Bihar and Jharkhand. According to the information received, Yas has damaged three lakh houses in West Bengal, while in Odisha, there have been flood-like situations in many areas. More than 21 lakh people were evacuated to safe places in Odisha, West Bengal and Jharkhand due to the cyclone. The storm had weakened after hitting the shores in the afternoon. For your information, let us know that ‘Yas’ is the second cyclonic storm hitting the shores of the country within a week after ‘Toute’.

10 updates related to Cyclone Yaas

  1. Cyclone Cyclone Yaas On Wednesday night, with winds of 75 kilometers per hour and heavy rain, it reached the border of Jharkhand. Due to the cyclone, due to the storm this afternoon there is a possibility of strong winds moving up to 90 kilometers per hour in Kolhan area.

  2. In West Bengal, the administration is cautious about the cyclonic storm ‘Yas’. In Nayachara of the state, close to a hundred people were rescued through air cushion vehicles. Relief and rescue work is going on continuously. The Indian Coast Guard ICG relief team evacuated the locals safely in Contai.

  3. In Odisha’s Kendrapada, due to the strong winds of cyclone Yas, many trees were uprooted. Relief work is going on continuously. Fire service department team has cleared the roads in Manikunaba. Due to cyclonic storms, life is still disturbed in many areas.

  4. Eight villages in East Midnapore in West Bengal have been flooded. Villagers have to take shelter in the homes of their relatives or acquaintances. There is a lot of water in the village continuously, due to which all these villages are seen submerged.

  5. 128 villages were flooded in Balasore and Bhadrak districts of Odisha. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has announced to provide relief for these villages for seven days.

  6. 6.5 lakh people have been evacuated from sensitive areas of Odisha to safe places and 15 lakh people have been taken to the shelters in West Bengal.

  7. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that one crore people have been affected by the cyclone in the state. He said that ‘almost the whole of West Bengal has been flooded. Many embankments have broken and sea water has penetrated into areas like Sagar and Gosaba of South 24 Parganas and coastal areas like Mandaramani, Digha and Shankarpur in East Midnapore. There has been widespread damage in low-lying areas. ”

  8. In the wake of the cyclone, people in Jharkhand have been asked to stay indoors for the next twenty-four hours and to bring people living in low-lying areas in East Singhbhum, Seraikela, West Singhbhum, Bokaro and Khunti and West Singhbhum districts of Kolhan division to safer places. The work of this is going on continuously. So far, more than ten thousand people have been evacuated to safer places.

  9. The government said on Wednesday that cyclone ‘Yas’ caused minor damage to the telecom infrastructure and the network was widely used to deliver messages in local languages ​​for the first time to people to reduce the losses.

  10. Three ships of the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) are arriving on the shores of West Bengal and Odisha to “assess the situation” after the cyclone Yass’s havoc. Ministry of Defense gave this information.


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