Danny Denzongpa has regret, said – I did not get the role as I wanted

Danny Denzongpa is celebrating his 73rd birthday on 25 February today. One of the strongest villains of Bollywood, Danny still feels that he did not get the roles he wanted to play.

Recently Danny expressed his regret about his career in a conversation with outlookindia. Danny made his film debut in the year 1971 with the film Mere Apne. Danny wanted to learn music and he felt that he would become a singer. But when he arrived at the film institute, he realized that music was a part of acting.

He told, ‘The filmmakers made films on subjects in which I was not fit. Somehow I got an opportunity to act in Gulzar Saheb’s film Mere Apne, which is one of the many films in which I was cast like an ordinary Indian without any back story. After this BR Chopra’s 1973 film ‘Dhud’ made me a star. Filmmakers then started making films that met and separated. I did not fit into these films because my face did not meet anyone’s father or son. So I did not accept many of them.

Danny told that NN Sippy then cast him in 1976 in ‘Fakira’, in which he was to play the role of Shashi Kapoor’s brother and it was a Golden Jubilee hit. After doing this film, he realized that once the public accepts you, he will accept you in any role. From then on, he started playing the role of everyone’s brother and father.

However, Danny believes that he did not get the title he claimed as an actor. He says that he did not get the roles he wanted. I did the film ‘Frozen’ in the year 2007 with a father-son story and a good subject, but it was not commercially good. I am still looking forward to the itresting role.


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