Delhi: What did CM Kejriwal say about vaccine, black fungus and lockdown

Delhi: What did CM Kejriwal say about vaccine, black fungus and lockdown

Arvind Kejriwal targeted the central government on vaccination. (File photo)

New Delhi:

In Delhi, the constant attack on the Center regarding Corona vaccination, CM Kejriwal has targeted the Central Government on Wednesday. He said that there has been a huge shortage of vaccine. The vaccine in the 18 to 44 category is completely over. Currently there is vaccination for the group above 44. I hope that Delhi will get more vaccines from the central government as soon as possible. Vaccination centers are being closed in many states across the country. This was a time when vaccination centers should grow. But vaccination centers are closing all over the country, this is not a good thing. I hope that vaccine will be supplied at war level, we have written that we need 80,00,000 vaccines every month. I myself have written to the Prime Minister.

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When will the lockdown open in Delhi?

On the question of lockdown, Kejriwal said that it cannot be extended. People’s businesses are shutting down. You will see how much lockdown will be opened. If the lockdown is linked to vaccination, then it is not known how much time it will take.

Vaccination for children

Arvind Kejriwal said that Pfizer and Moderna have said that their vaccine is suitable for children, but it has not yet been approved in India to use it. The central government should not delay it and all international vaccines are available, everyone should be allowed to use in our country, especially for children.

620 black fungus cases in Delhi

Kejriwal told that there are 620 active cases of black fungus in Delhi. But the vaccine used in its treatment is not available. 400 injections were received a day earlier, 400 were also received yesterday, while a patient needs close to 6 injections. According to this, 3500 injections are needed daily, so there is a problem in its treatment.

Point 5: Arvind Kejriwal attacks PM Modi for lack of vaccine


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