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D’Evelyn marching band selected for virtual inaugural parade

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Students honored throughout a 12 months when all different performances and competitions have been canceled as a consequence of COVID-19.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colorado — At colleges across the nation like D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School, academics like Becky Paschke have to show band class over Zoom with all performances and competitions canceled.

“COVID has taken so many things away from students and all of these opportunities taken away,” Paschke mentioned.

The instrumental music director felt unhealthy for her seniors particularly – college students like Keegan Beck and Zoe Pekarek.

“Me and many of the seniors in the band. We kinda thought everything was over,” Pekarek mentioned.

“I just can’t even.. like it’s unreal,” Paschke mentioned.

The D’Evelyn marching band was selected to play within the presidential inauguration virtual “Parade Across America.”

“It makes up for everything,” Beck mentioned. “The fact that we lost out on a season is not a big deal, you know, if we get to do something like this.”

Pekarek is grateful to really carry out for an viewers in her senior 12 months.

“I’m really glad that we got like a final opportunity,” Pekarek mentioned.

Two weeks in the past, the band obtained collectively in a discipline outdoors the college. It was their first full, in-person band follow all 12 months. They practiced the music “American Patrol” to play for the parade.

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“We did not have a lot of time to prepare that’s for sure,” Pekarek mentioned.

Two days after the primary follow, Paschke’s husband, Chris Paschke recorded the video efficiency that shall be performed through the parade on Jan. 20 beginning at 1 p.m. 

Beck mentioned everybody was centered.

“Because it was just us, our band, in a field, with a camera,” Beck mentioned. “So, it took a lot of the pressure off.”

This is an unpredictable ending to a 12 months of educating band class by way of Zoom.

“This is probably the least amount of time we’ll ever get to practice anything for our very biggest performance ever,” Paschke mentioned.

Only 23 teams throughout the nation have been selected for the virtual parade with D’Evelyn being the one one in Colorado. Paschke submitted the applying in November and is among the few highschool performers picked from throughout the nation. Most of the others are in school.

“Don’t let the goals go away even though there’s a pandemic,” Paschke mentioned. “Don’t let it go.”

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