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DGCA increases ban on international flights until 31 January

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The DGCA has taken a big decision because of the threat of a new strain of Coronavirus. Now the ban on international flights has been extended further. In view of the Corona infection, DGCA has banned international passenger flights till 31 January. However, this restriction will not apply to international Cargro flights.

Please tell that the corona virus (Coronavirus) New strain of (New Strain) There is a continuous spread in India and now Karnataka has got 7 patients infected with the new strain. Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar told that 7 people who have returned from Britain have been found infected with the new strain of Corona.

In view of the increasing cases of new strains of Coronavirus, the central government has given Britain (Britain) Flights to and from flights were first banned until 7 January 2021. Now it was increased to 31 January. Earlier, the government had banned flights till 31 December 2020.

New strains of Corona virus cases

According to the Health Ministry, a total of 107 samples were examined on Tuesday, including 14 in NCDC Delhi, 7 in Kalyani near NIBG Kolkata, 50 in NIV Pune, 15 in Nimhans, 15 in CCMB, 6 in IGIB. Out of which 8 have been found infected in Kalyani, 1, NIV Pune, 7 Nimhans, 2 CCAB, 1 IGIB near Delhi, 1 Kolkata. According to the report, a new strain of corona has been found in a 2-year-old girl in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. The child’s parents are also infected with the corona virus, but a new strain has not been found in them.

More than 100 people from Britain infected

According to the report, from November 25 to December 23, around 33 thousand passengers from Britain came to India, out of which more than 100 people have been found to be infected with Coronavirus. After this, as a precaution, the Indian government stopped air service from Britain on 23 December.

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New strain of Coronavirus found in America, not travel history of infected youth

Which countries have found a new strain so far?

Let us know that the first strain of Coronavirus was confirmed in Britain, after which it has spread to many countries including India. The new strain has been found so far in the UK, India, USA, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Japan, Lebanon, Singapore and Nigeria. Apart from this, a new strain of Corona has been found in South Africa, which is different from the new strain found in Britain.

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